I, my junior pregnant and having children, I only receive a certificate, and travel through 63 countries. Life is not a formula for behaved

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Stall?Dry!Pregnant?born!travel?Walk!Opening a shop?OK!Want to ride a horse?practice!Climbing Everest?superior!

He always satisfies what I want to do in principle.Until now, we still act impulsively without considering the cause and consequences.

When I was a junior, I gave birth to my first son. I did n’t graduate in college and traveled around the world by stalls. When I graduated, I made the first 1 million.

The second child took the marriage to get married, and we held a wedding on the bottom of the Thailand; after the third child, he proposed to me at the end of the world.

Last year, 5 million sold Hangzhou houses, and we bought a small wooden house in Inner Mongolia; not long ago, we parachsed on the Egyptian pyramid together.

(Thirteen and Aquan)

I am thirteen, born in 1991, Zhejiang Jinhua.Don’t think that my university travels around the world. It is the second generation.In fact, my family cannot be ordinary.At the age of 18, because I met Aquan, I became the most special girl in the world -thirteen.

Since I was a child, I took care of myself. I learned to skip classes in elementary school, removed my mother’s favorite skirt, and squeezed into the crowded night market of Huayan.

In short, the more I don’t let me do, I always want to do it!This world is a playground for brave.

In the summer vacation of the 18 -year -old high school, I went online to find a few partners of the four seas of all five lakes, and went to Tibet with bags.Unexpectedly, the trip that said at a time made me know the other half of my life.

Aquan was 2 years older than me. When he was in the sophomore in Hangzhou China Academy of Fine Arts, I was in the senior year at Zhejiang Institute of Technology.

(We reach the top of Mount Everest)

On the Sichuan -Tibet line, we left our footprints at the same time, but we did not meet.After returning to Hangzhou after walking in the Sichuan -Tibet Line, I was admitted to his school and studied illustration.And Aquan is an excellent student in the sculpture of the American Academy. Many girls are pursuing.

Once, my classmates and I went to the cinema to watch "Dreaming Space", and I was sitting next to Aquan.Talking, it turned out that we were studying the same school and walked through the same Sichuan -Tibet line.

Ah, you are here too!

I fell in love with him at first sight, he was full of appearance, and I was enthusiastic and cheerful.Only a month, we determined the relationship of love on the Mid -Autumn Festival night in 2019.

Traveling is a bond and heating device that maintains our feelings.

In the first month together, Aquan rode a bicycle and took me back, and rode from Hangzhou to Hefei sweetly.

(The "Wandering Republic" we open)

His family is also very ordinary, and tuition costs are made by himself. The bicycle is 50 yuan to buy 28 bars for car repair.

Half a year later, I said suddenly: "It’s better to take the new Tibetan line. This time, we have to leave a trace together."

So, we set off from Hangzhou, took a hard seat to the database, started hiking from the cars, passed through the Taklama -Gang Desert, and arrived at Kashgar.

When we applied for a pass in Yecheng, we climbed the same mountain, flowed through the same river, and ate the same piece of iron cake. We didn’t take a bath for the same half a month and finally arrived in Lhasa.

That is our most impressive travel memory, youth, crazy, pure, irrelevant to the wind and snow, only the surrounding world.

We are all very considerate of our parents. After college, we no longer ask for money at home.Although we are all travel enthusiasts, we have always insisted on traveling, living at low -cost homestays, eating flies, hiking, and not going to attractions …

(I wear world elements)

After taking the new Tibetan line, the most bitter time, I almost picked up the things on the ground, lived in a bullpen, hospital, and lived on the side of the road.Without money, it is never an excuse for not traveling.

We bought a lot of jewelry in Tibetan ethnic characteristics: earrings, diamond knots, and five -color rope. It was a lot of money in 10 yuan, but we did not expect to bring us wealth.

Aquan rented a house outside the school, and the rent was 250 yuan per month, which facilitated to create in spare time.After together, he owed three months of rent and did not pay.I said, "I have no money too." Suddenly, I remembered those accessories: "It’s better to set up a stall!"

Therefore, at the entrance of the Academy of Fine Arts, we spread a piece of cloth, put on the accessories we bought from all over the place, and started "daily gold".

At that time, the train to Tibet was just through, because the road was far away, and there were not many people going. For most people, Tibet was still a mysterious place.In addition, the jewelry is full of national style, which is very popular.

(We embrace each other under the snow mountain)

Although our stalls are not large, the location is quite good.When the Academy of Fine Arts enroll each year, tens of thousands of candidates came to take the exam.Most of these art students like us, mostly like exotic things.

The most exaggerated time, our stalls, crowds around the circle.Squatting in front of it, then squatting, standing on the back and tiptoe. They listened to my hand holding a piece of accessories and telling the unforgettable story.

I know that they bought not only jewelry, but also our unforgettable stories.

For the first time, we have made 850 yuan in just a few hours since in the afternoon.At that time, there was no collection code, and we got all the silver in our hands.

After paying the rent, there is a balance. I said with a smile to Aquan: "This is our next stop."

(We jump an umbrella on the pyramid)

That year, Aquan was junior, and his classmates were preparing for work or postgraduate entrance examination.The wealth impact brought by the stalls made him make an extremely bold, but extremely correct decision: use hobbies to support hobbies; go to more places, buy more accessories, earn more moneyIntersection

Following him, I really let go of myself and do everything I want to do.

However, because urban management began to manage the "旮旯 Street" around the school, we were forced to rent the first physical store.

East and west, we paid 10,000 yuan in transfer fees, and we had the first "Wandering Republic" that belonged to our store.Although there is only 14 square meters of space, it includes the "warrior" captured from wandering around the world.

At that time, the business was very good. When we opened the door at eight o’clock, there was already a team outside the door.

In 2012, Aquan graduated and was in the store every day.And I was pregnant unexpectedly!I knew that there was a small life in my stomach, I was at a loss.I am only a junior, and I am still a child!

(In my junior year, I was pregnant, he accompanied me to give birth to a child)

When A Quan returned to the rental house at night, I trembled and said, "I’m pregnant!"

He was silent for a while, and then held my hand very firmly and said, "Born! I have my hands and feet, and I will not make you worse than anyone."

This is this sentence that made me a mother early.So far, I am still grateful to meet him and be grateful for his firmness and responsibility at that time. In fact, at that moment, he was also nervous and trembling.

Then, he was busy than before, and more time to stay in the store.We use the money we earn to open more branches in the school gate of the university town.When the business was the best, we opened 11 jewelry shops, and each store had one store manager and two clerks.

He takes the bus at 7 o’clock in the morning, a stop, a shop tour, and then he comes back in Dai Yue, and falls to bed.

I still insist on going to class. Although the courses of art students are relatively easy, cultural courses and professional courses still have to go, and homework must be paid on time.After 6 months of pregnancy, some students and teachers knew what I was pregnant, but they said nothing.

(The most difficult time, I can’t afford a coat, I wear Aquan’s down jacket)

At that time, although there were no clear regulations, unmarried pregnancy was unmarried, and there were no clear stipulation that unmarried children could not be married.The school’s teachers are very friendly. They do n’t know what they do n’t know.

Fortunately, it was winter in the second trimester. I wore Aquan’s down jacket, survived the winter, and avoided the eyes of most people.

I am also young and fearless. At 8 months, I also participated in the school’s physical fitness test. The 800 -meter running and standing jump are all passing.

In 2013, my senior was ready to graduate. After giving birth to a child in February, A Quan did not have time to take care of me, so I sent me back to my hometown in Wenzhou to confine.

That month was the longest time we have separated since we met.Regardless of before, or later, we stick together almost 24 hours, never separated.

After giving birth to a child, I found that my uterus was prolapse, postpartum constipation, sneezing, leakage, increased milk, fat, ugly stretch marks …

(My eldest son, blink so big)

Every time I called, I cried in Aqua, and he could not comfort me: "Just confine, just confine …" He said that he would give us the material guarantee of the real gold and silver, and let me let meBe peaceful mother.

But I just wanted to cry in the tiger tiger who was waiting to be fed across the three differences!Unavoidable, I am depressed after giving birth, and I hate that I can’t do anything well.

I ca n’t understand A Quan, he didn’t understand at all, and thought I was too agitated.After the confinement, I returned to the school to graduate, and Aquan cheered me: "We have made 1 million!" But I couldn’t be happy at all.

He still understood me and made a decision that made me transform: Use these 1 million to travel around the world.

We set off. When we crossed India, I was unusually fascinated with exotic colors, strong spices, and gloated skirts.I bought the favorite fabric and shouted: "I want to make a skirt myself!"

(I am buying fabrics)

My passion was splashed with cold water by Aquan. He felt that it was enough to take care of the "Wandering Republic" store. Every month, the storefront entered the account, from 10,000 to 100,000 to hundreds of thousands.EssenceMoreover, I have to bring my children myself, how can I have time to open a shop.

I don’t care, what I want to do, otherwise I will do it, otherwise I will be crazy and depressed.At that time, there was an online shop. I learned to open one. I designed it myself, sewed myself, and my own picture. In addition to the accessories, I poured the elements of the wandering world into my work.

I invited my aunt, liberated my hands and feet, and made a shop at home.The Quan, who once bombarded my partner, quietly delivered socks to the old customers of the physical store, saying that buying things in our online shop can be free shipped and promoted for me.

When the online store was in full swing, our physical store was severely damaged!In 2015, the university town cleaned the surrounding "旮旯 Street", and most of the small shops were demolished.In the end, 11 stores "Wandering Republic" closed the door, and all our sales turned to online.

(Each work is my hard work)

The focus of business turned from A Quan to me.I no longer doubt myself, directing the entire team, as the chief designer, Aquan is responsible for management and finance.

Our book has set a new record.But we insist on not buying a house or car!At that time, Hangzhou’s house prices were only 4,000 square meters, and we could afford a few houses.But when we together, we decided: our home is on the road, wandering in a lifetime!

We have been traveling. It is not the kind of punch -type type of "getting on the car and taking a picture", but the in -depth life of the local residents, chatting with the locals, and living with them.Only in this way can we truly understand how broad this world is.

In the world, all kinds of people, all kinds of people.The environment in which everyone lives is different, but there is the only thing in common: that is, everyone’s life is only once.It was an irreplaceable life.

(We are in Tibet)

We went to Yellowstone Park in the United States and went to Carter Peter hillside in Mexico.When traveling in Mexico, we rented a RV and got up one morning. I felt very uncomfortable. The regular holiday also extended the future. I cried and said to Aquan, "I might be pregnant."

Aquan held my hand again and said, "Okay, maybe it was a daughter." I cried and said, "It’s another three years pregnant, and I finally came out."Looking at the incoherent words, A Quan persuaded:" Give birth to a daughter, you can design children’s clothing … "

At the end of 2016, the child was not born, and Aquan fell ill.His Meinier syndrome recurred, and he couldn’t get up half a year when he was lying on the bed, and his ears were still deaf.

In the Spring Festival that year, I was approaching the output period. I ran to the hospital every day, and the business of the online shop plummeted.More than a thousand square meters of new studio, we invested a lot of money, but too late to decorate.We didn’t buy a house, and kept renting a house, with less than 50,000 cash on our hands.

(When the pressure is high, we shave the eyebrows together)

I watched Aquan, who was as thin as a firewood on the bed, and fell on him. I wonder what to do next?I remembered the question that he had asked him countless times: "You have so many girlfriends before, why is it me?"

He thought about it and said, "You are willing to endure hardships, and do n’t say it with me. I ca n’t afford down jackets in winter. I do n’t say that I’ m shameless and barbaric.To understand things, we did it as soon as we patted their thighs, no matter how outrageous, we would not be afraid. "

I cried: "I said, I’m not the most beautiful …"

After returning to the rental house, I loaned 20,000 online. I thought of the girl who was like a flower in the tropical tropical and designed a "Mao Dan girl".As soon as the skirt was put on the shelves, it sold 400,000 and pulled us out of the quagmire.

I went to the hospital to accompany him during the day and continued to work overtime at night.A year later, Aquan recovered. Although he lost one ear, it didn’t matter, I would help him to listen to the beauty of the world.

(We only receive the certificate after the second child)

After the birth of the second son’s pepper, Aquan silently planned the wedding of Dongli, Thailand.We finally received a certificate and became the couple who were not inseparable.

There are no banquets, no parents on both sides, no children, only the two of us, and a priest who follows the diving for a week, a wedding on the bottom of the sea.

When I sneaked into the sea, my oxygen cylinder leaked and couldn’t float on the sea.Aquan kept holding my hand and quickly stuffed me the spare oxygen cylinder, holding me, and swimming all the time.

He said that I was crazy and barbaric, but in fact, my life was full of hesitation. It was that Aquan kept pulling me and hitting his head and breaking his blood.I know that without him, I am just a small town girl who can’t be ordinary.

Destiny makes us love each other in danger. A kind of obsession with stubbornness is enough to ignite all hope.

(Every month, we will set off at any time)

I and A Quan will travel all the time.Everyone around him asked, what’s good about traveling, why do you keep traveling? Isn’t the money save?

If we do n’t travel, our body is like a problem, and we subconsciously responded: anxiety, irritability, weakness, and nothing to do.Coincidentally, the same is true of Aquan, and then the two of us will start to quarrel.

For the harmony of marriage, we have to travel all the time.

Strangely, as long as we are in the state of travel, we seem to have never had a family and have no children, just like two people who just know love in love, especially relaxed.

At the end of 2016, he had a big noise with him: "You never proposed to me!" He felt that the children had it. Do you still care about those forms?But I’m obviously a girl!

In the second year, because of a photo, we decided to go to Ushuaya in Argentina.There is a lighthouse there, which is said to be the last lighthouse at the end of the world.

(I proposed to me at the end of the world)

In August 2017, we met at the end of the world to the end of the world.I don’t know that Aquan prepared the ring early. When I looked at the snow -capped icebergs on the small town of Ushuaya, South American town, he suddenly took out the ring and kneeled on one knee.:: "These years, you follow me …"

I cried again.What I want, he did it all.Late, but never absent!

Next, our career reached its peak, the studio opened, there were 40 employees, and the online store operation was also very good. I was designing and modeling. Aquan was my royal photographer and logistical support.

The child is going to school. We will take 3 months a year and take them on the road.We have always felt that travel is the best book.

Therefore, we help our children to stop street dance collections, stop English training classes, and stop the piano finals … In the summer of 2018, we only do one thing: take the tiger peppercorns to take the new Tibetan line again.

(From one person to two, three, four people)

Then, the rest of our time, the two of us went to one country a month, and traveled to 63 countries in their footprints.

I hope that going out is a wild child and go home as a good mother.Keep your enthusiasm, protect youth, and live in the way you like.

But at this moment, I was pregnant unexpectedly.This time, I hesitated, and Aquan took my hand again and said, "Born, I believe this must be a princess."

In fact, the many wayward decisions we made were very casual at that time. Looking back, we found that we all changed our great life trajectory. The point is that no matter what he chose at the time, it would not live badly.

As long as you keep going.What you get is a regret, arbitrary, cool life.

Beginning in 2020, our career fell to the bottom, and the employees left one after another, and in the end, there were less than 10 left.We are losing money every month, but we still pay more than 400,000 wages, plus other expenses, my emotions and pressures have reached unprecedented peaks.

(My male gods, go, let’s go)

At that time, my wish turned out to be a big house and a career at the peak.In 2017, we bought a 89 -square -meter house for the tiger.

The child’s grandparents came to help take the child, there was not enough space, so we have never stayed in and rented another house.

In April 2021, my daughter Ono came to our lives.Her smile made up for the depression of her career damage, and I could finally design her cute skirt for her.

In October the following year, Aquan and I went to Hulunbuir to relax.When it comes to the ground, it is the best snow.I ran wild in the snow and shouted loudly, "This is what I want most!"

Children in the south are particularly excited to see Xue.

In the winter of Hulunbuir, it is generally minus 20 degrees during the day and about minus 40 degrees in the evening.I want to dig a meal of fish in Binghu Lake from the next door. As a result, we only drove to Chaoyang Village, and it was dark.Aquan said, "Stop! You can’t open it anymore! We have to turn around." On this day, we did nothing.

(We sold the house in Hangzhou and bought the hut in Hulunbuir)

Even so, I still fancy a cabin in Hulunbuir Gurner.It has a history of decades. The owner has a large open space in front of him because he moved to the city.

When we were traveling around the world, we have always dreamed of facing the sea and back to the snowy mountains. On the endless grassland, we cover a small wooden house with red roof.In New Zealand, Hokkaido, Italy, and Iceland, we also found it, and finally decided to go to Inner Mongolia.

To this end, we sold the houses bought in Hangzhou that year, and bought the small wooden house of the Sino -Russian border and the Russian ethnic hometown. There was a slight balance. I want to open a pasture.

Although I took a courier for an hour and a half, I went to Ergina, but I can finally make a horse.I finally had my first horse -long eyelashes.

(My horse, my dreams are all realized)

After buying long eyelashes, I have been stupid on the way home.Aquan looked several times and couldn’t help laughing: "Fool."

He often taught me "fool".Because I do n’t think about gains and losses, I just want to live for the moment, just live for my dream.

But ah, life was originally the wilderness, not track.Life is not a formula. The thing you want to do should be bold.Because of hesitation, it may be farther and farther away from dreams.

Those young people who are still hesitating, when the god of fate pushes you to critical, I hope you can be as brave as you think.

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