I met each other for half a year, I was pregnant with a month, I was anxious to get married, my boyfriend had to identify it, and I broke up when I saw the result.

I met each other for half a year, I was pregnant with a month, I was anxious to get married, my boyfriend had to identify it, and I broke up when I saw the result.

Recently, I have to admit that every choice in life is like a problem, testing my will and decision.Recalling the rainy night I met half a year ago, I never thought that our encounter would bring my life trajectory into such a twists and turns.

Everything started in that night.I was sitting alone in a cafe, holding a cup of warm latte in my hand, and my eyes were on the picture of the raindrops hitting glass.When I was immersed in my own world, a familiar and warm voice suddenly sounded: "Do you need help?" Looking up, I saw a handsome and friendly boy stood in front of me.

"Thank you, I’m just waiting for the rain." I responded with a smile.He took the initiative to sit opposite me. We talked about the sky, and found that there were many things in common between each other, making me feel very kind.

A few weeks later, we officially became lovers.I never thought that I only met for half a year, and I would be so deep.We are a big highlight in each other’s lives, and we feel that each other is indispensable.

However, when I was three months pregnant, I gradually felt the strange vision and discussion of people around me.Although I tried to be calm as much as possible, there was always a trace of anxiety in my heart.

One day, my boyfriend and I were sitting in a cafe, and he suddenly proposed to perform parent -child identification."I don’t want anyone to doubt our children, and I hope that we can have a clear answer." His tone was calm, but I felt a hint of sadness.

We completed the identification, and in the days of waiting, I seemed to live in a fog.There are various possibilities in my mind, and I also start thinking about my choices.If the result is yes, are we ready to get married and face the future challenges together?If the result is no, can we continue to maintain this relationship?

Finally, the moment I came to the result, I held the envelope handed by my boyfriend and opened it slowly.After sweeping the words in the test report, I felt that my heart seemed to be pierced by countless sharp acupuncture.It turned out to be no, and we were not the parents of this child.

I try to keep calm, but tears still come out of my eyes.His boyfriend also seemed to be lost, but he said, "Maybe this is a warning given to us by heaven, we are not when we get married." His words made me feel sour, but he couldn’t help but feel that what he said was reasonable.

At that moment, I realized that there may be deeper problems between us.Perhaps we are too hasty to rush to sublimate feelings into marriage, but ignore each other’s inner needs and real feelings.After all, marriage is not only a matter of two people, but also involves the entire family, responsibility, future planning, and so on.Are we really ready to face these challenges?

The decision to break up makes me feel heartbroken, but I believe this is right.We need time to review ourselves, understand what we really want, and then make more mature choices.

I am full of expectations and confusion about the future.Perhaps the end of this relationship is just a turning point in life. It may make me grow more and stronger.I have to learn to face my emotions, learn to let go of the past, and strive to find my true happiness.

Now, I have gone out of the haze of the relationship and picked up the pace of life again.Holding the hopes for the future, I firmly believe that every choice and every experience will make me more tough and make me find my own happiness.The future is still long, but I am willing to continue to take every step bravely.

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