I leave the handsome boyfriend to marry a rich husband, pregnant with a boyfriend and child after marriage, but my husband is so happy that I cry

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My boyfriend and I are a college classmate. In my freshman year, we only lived together in the senior year.My boyfriend is handsome, excellent grades, and very good to me.But I was born in a traditional family. I have always adhered to the bottom line. I must have a relationship after marriage. Usually, I feel at most.My boyfriend can’t take me too.

After graduating, I was admitted to the land tax system. I had a good salary and a stable work, while my boyfriend worked hard in the IT game industry, but I was often arrears of wages and could not afford money at all!I was getting more and more disappointed with him. He always hoped that he was a civil servant, but he disagreed. In addition, our relationship has not been able to go further, and finally break up!My boyfriend came to me and wanted to recover, but for the future, I still gritted my teeth and refused!

After leaving my ex -boyfriend, I met the predecessors of the same system, that is, the current husband!He did not compare with my ex -boyfriend. His eyes collapsed, and he was fat and short.However, others are very good. I often help me pointers. I know he likes me, but I don’t feel him.Later, I heard that his family was very rich. He lived in high -rise sea view houses, and several real estate was rented. The clothing business made by his father may inherit him in the future.Coupled with his often driving his BMW, he sent me home, and I gradually accepted him!I know that with him, I don’t have to worry about the monthly rent of each month. I no longer worry about how much money is left at the end of the night!

Soon we got married, and the in -laws specifically made out a set of big three -bedroom apartments in the river to live for us. The real estate certificate also added my name, everything is the same as dreaming!

The newlywed night husband found that I was still at a time, and he was ecstatic. He said that he did not expect that a woman like me could still keep chastity. It was really rare!He wants to take care of me!Although I looked at my husband’s face, I had no reason in my heart, but I could only endure it.Every time I can only imagine in my mind, the other party is my ex -boyfriend.I know this is wrong, but it is difficult to invest in this.

Soon, I suddenly received the information of my ex -boyfriend. He wanted to ask me to come out to drink coffee to narrate the old.I am glad to go.It turned out that my ex -boyfriend has also improved recently. The game’s sales dividends are hundreds of thousands. He wanted to go back to me, but found that I was married.Both of us were so emotional, I knew that so why, we talked about us and went to the hotel!There I finally had a tears and had a relationship with my ex -boyfriend!

It didn’t take long for me to find that I was pregnant!My husband was ecstatic and shouted with me: We finally have our own children!I was very embarrassed.

When the child was born, it was a girl. Looking at the child’s facial features, I lowered my head silently, and my ex -boyfriend was simply printed by a mold!Her husband praised her daughter, saying that she looked so beautiful, like me, smiled stupidly!At first glance, the in -laws were a girl, a little dissatisfied, her face was overcast, not as good to me as before!Every time my husband blame me, he said that they were young and young, and they had old -fashioned thoughts. For this reason, they had a few fights with his parents.My husband said to me: I will always be your shelter, that is, your big backing. Don’t be afraid of what you encounter in the future, there is me!

After I heard it, I was moved, and I was sorry for my husband to hide this secret in my heart. If I say it will hurt my husband, I will still be kicked out of the house. I am helpless now.

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