I kept vomiting after pregnancy, you must have never tried Zhang Xichun’s small recipe, on average for three days to work hard

Today I will tell you a small question, that is, the vomiting phenomenon that women occur after pregnancy.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting, as a common phenomenon in the process of human reproduction, is tolerated.However, many women keep spitting up, from pregnancy to production, and have been vomiting.Sometimes vomiting, like spray -like, makes it miserable and even affects normal eating and nutritional absorption.

At this time, we have to think about it. Today I will give you a wonderful plan:

Prepare the right amount of yam, clear half summer, and white sand sugar.Research the yam into fine ending, and then wash the water with water for a few times until there is no odor. Then put Pinellia into the casserole, boil the fire for about 45 minutes, remove the residue and take about 100 ml of medicine soup.Yam powder, boil for 4 boiling, add white sugar after the porridge shape.

According to reports, this prescription treats 18 pregnancy vomiting and has a good effect. The shortest treatment is one day, the longest six days, and the average three days can control the symptoms.Note that when taking it, the patient may not be able to eat too much at the beginning, then add a little bit one by one, one dose daily.When taking it, the temperature is appropriate.

I will introduce this small recipe for you, but it is definitely not empty.The creator of this side is Zhang Xichun, the originator of the combination of modern Chinese and western medicine in modern Chinese and western medicine. This prescription was originally called yam pine -summer porridge, which is worth saying.

First look at the first medicine, Pinellia.This medicine is spicy, warm, enters the spleen, stomach, and lung meridians.It is a blindness that can effectively reduce phlegm and relieve vomiting.In the Qing Dynasty, the toxicity was greatly reduced for Banxia, and the toxicity was greatly reduced.After a long period of cooking, pregnant women should be taken very safely.

Its main role here is to stop vomiting.In fact, it has been used to treat the vomiting of pregnant women from half summer."Medicine" does not say: "Those who have more than vomiting in pregnancy, Zhong Jing’s uses dry ginger ginseng Panxia Pills."Therefore, in Pinellia, it is based on the ancient method.

Looking at the yam, this medicine, the world knows that it can strengthen the spleen, Jinjin, nourish the lungs, and add essence.For here, on the one hand, it can be properly converged to the dryness of Pinellia, and on the other hand, it stems from its convergence and fixing function.In other words, it can "nourish the kidneys and converge", and it assists Banxia, so that the function of stopping vomiting can be fulfilled.

Therefore, this clear half -summer is matched with yam. Although it is a small recipe, the medication is very reasonable.It’s right.

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