I just had a fetal, and now I was pregnant again. My boyfriend asked me to kill again. What should I do?

I am 20 years old and talked about two loves. The first boyfriend met in the factory. I met together for more than a year. Later, I found out that he didn’t love me anymore. He broke up.

The second boyfriend, that is, my current boyfriend met in my hometown, and we work in the same restaurant.When he chased me at the beginning, because I felt that he was one year younger than me, I didn’t agree, but later I found that he was good to me, so I associated with him. After a month of relationship, we were together.Essence

I told him that I was not the first time, but he said he didn’t mind. I asked him, what should I do if I am pregnant?He said that he got married when he was pregnant. He raised me, I believe, but the result was not the case. I started to associate with him in September last year. In January this year, I found that I was pregnant.Tell his parents, and then his parents said that I asked me to kill, and now they are still small and cannot receive a marriage certificate.

I cried for a long time, but I finally compromised. He went to the hospital with him. He said that he had only 500 yuan. He didn’t give him money at that time. It was more than 80 days at that time.I said, can I give birth, don’t fight, he said how to give birth?In the end, I borrowed 5,000 yuan with my friends. The doctor said that I asked me to take medicine first, and then perform surgery. I can’t forget that kind of pain.Take medicine, surgery, treatment, and a total of more than 9,000 yuan.

Then I went home. I did n’t know at home. I had to cook every day. I finished the operation so embarrassed, but I still insisted every day and I did n’t have nutrition. I insisted on it for half a month. Then I went.After looking for a job, he came to pick me up every day in a convenience store.

A while ago, I came to my aunt. After the aunt came, he said he wanted, I asked him to bring a condom, but he said he didn’t want to bring it. He said that if he didn’t shoot it, he would not get pregnant.What to do if you are pregnant again?He said that if you are getting married this time, I believe it again, but I am so unlucky. This month’s aunt did not come again. After six days, I tried it with a test paper and got pregnant again.I was pregnant again, and I told him that I was pregnant, and he said that he told his parents that his parents meant to let it go.

However, it was only more than a month and beaten again, so I might never be pregnant, what should I do?Do I really want to get it?But I don’t want to!Now think about me so stupid and stupid, why is it so easy to believe in him, and last time they didn’t care about me, this time it was like this.What should I do?

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