I just checked that I was pregnant, and I secretly went to the hospital to perform a miscarriage surgery with my husband

Today is Women’s Day, and the company will give female employees for half a day in accordance with regulations.I did not tell my family on holidays. Instead, after get off work, I went directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the provincial maternal and children’s health hospital, which had already been regulated.

On the way to the hospital, I have always been embarrassed and touched my abdomen. Although I knew that the child had not been formed, it was a life after all, and I couldn’t bear my heart.

However, I also understand that I can’t give birth to this child, because I can’t destroy my life that I just stepped on, and fell into the quagmire before.

This child was tested by herself on Monday night, because the aunt has postponed a week before I came, and I bought a pregnancy measurement paper. One test, two bars, really won the prize.

After knowing the results, I wrapped the pregnancy test rod with toilet paper, and then stuffed it into the bottom of the trash can. Finally, I went out of the sofa and watched the TV.Play toys.

I have n’t chatted with my husband for a long time. I wo n’t ask him if he ’s good, and he wo n’t ask me what is. What he said every day is just about children.

When did you become like this?I thought about it, as if I had gone after I gave birth to my son.

Once upon a time, I had nothing to talk to my husband. I was intimate. He would give me all kinds of small surprises and he would find a way to coax me.

I am pregnant, and he will also take care of all kinds of care. At that time, I felt that I did not marry the wrong person, and I didn’t worry about the post -giving birth.

During the whole pregnancy, I was at work, and I didn’t take maternity leave in advance until I was near the production.

Because my parents are far away from my hometown, and the baby of the sister -in -law in the family is only half -year -old. My mother has to take care of it, and there is no way to take care of me.

I also understand the difficulties of my parents.The father -in -law worked as a small worker in his hometown. The mother -in -law was a cleaner at a hotel. Occasionally, she would call and ask during pregnancy. I didn’t come to see me.

I understand that she is busy with work, and I have no dissatisfaction in my heart.

Considering the confinement problem, I knew that my mother could not come, and my mother -in -law did not disclose the meaning of taking care. My husband and I mentioned that they wanted to go to the confinement of confinement.

After all, confinement is very important for women’s bodies. If you do n’t sit well, your body will collapse in the future.

Her husband had agreed, but as a result, he heard that the cheapest confinement center was 30,000 to 40,000. Suddenly he was a little hesitant. He said that he would discuss with his family and see if your mother -in -law could come over.

I actually think that if I can go to the confinement center, my mother -in -law comes over and she is uncomfortable.Not to mention that she had been in contact with her mother -in -law several times, and she didn’t feel anything to her, but she felt so stubborn.

I heard that I was going to the confinement center to spend tens of thousands of confinement, and my father -in -law immediately let my mother -in -law resign to take care of me.

When my husband saw me unwilling, he advised that he would spend too much money to go to the confinement center. The two of us just bought a house, and the family had no money at home.She will be uncomfortable, and others will say her.

In addition, my husband also assured me that he would definitely take care of me with his mother.

I listened to my husband’s words, but hurt myself.

My mother -in -law came, but before I was born, she almost only cooks, and when I was at home during the day, I only made vegetarian dishes and did not make meat, and her husband would make some good dishes at night.

I tentatively told my husband that my husband told my mother -in -law that I wanted to eat, saying that she might not know what I love to eat, and my mother -in -law felt that she was so vegetarian. I didn’t want to be too lazy.

During the hospitalization, my mother -in -law didn’t care about it. I only looked at her grandson every day. Fortunately, my husband asked for maternity leave for a few days to take care of me.

When I was out of the hospital, my husband was going to work, and my conflict with my mother -in -law began to outbreak.Because I was a bit weak, my mother -in -law was still a vegetarian soup. In the morning in the morning, it was not only very unpalatable, but I had no strength to eat.

The main thing is that the baby was in the room. She looked at the TV except for the occasional baby crying and looked at the TV. I had a breath in my heart, so I changed my urine, feeding, and bathing for the baby.

What makes me most angry is that my mother -in -law watched TV at home and did nothing. The garbage was everywhere and did not clean up.Confinement.

The two were fighting. I didn’t care about anything in my mother -in -law. I only pretended to be a matter of time, but I didn’t give money to buy meat. From now on, I haven’t bought it for me at all.

My mother -in -law couldn’t say me. She immediately cried and made a noisy, saying that she was kindly treated as a daughter. I looked at her like this and called my husband to cry.

Her husband quickly asked for leave, watching her mother -in -law sitting on the ground and crying, crying, and asking me what was going on.

I show my husband’s meals for my husband these days, and my husband did not believe in my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law said that she just gave birth to a doctor and said that she wanted to eat light. She was good for me, and said that I would not let her take care of her children.

I laughed angrily, watching my mother -in -law crying, my husband asked me to apologize to his mother, saying that fucking was also good for me, so that I would not work too much.

I said I didn’t apologize, I did nothing wrong. If I don’t want to take care of me, don’t come, isn’t it just confinement, I can.

My mother -in -law listened, and told my husband that I didn’t want her to take care of it. She was not here to recruit people. After speaking, she would go back to pack her luggage.

After all, my son was distressed by his mother, and my husband had to rely on when he saw his mother who had to go back. He also said that I was so capable, so take care of himself.

In this way, I took care of my children myself throughout the confinement. My husband was angry, and the two did not speak.

After I was full, I went back to my mother’s house. My mother saw that I was thin, and my face was not good, so I felt distressed.I don’t want to tell those bad things to mom, so I said nothing.

After maternity leave, I resigned directly and concentrated on bringing baby at home. During the period, I did not bring a baby back to my husband’s hometown.The father -in -law called and asked the child, saying that the mother -in -law was the temper, I hope I don’t get angry, I just sneered and didn’t say.

In the New Year, my husband wanted to take the baby back to his hometown, and I refused directly, because of this, I quarreled with my husband.I bluntly said that if I want to go back to my hometown, I will divorce and go to the court to sue tomorrow. I don’t want to return to his hometown.

My husband may see that I was so moving, and I knew that I was really cold.He didn’t want to divorce, but just said coldly, "Okay, if you don’t go to my hometown, I will not go to your mother’s house.

I said it didn’t matter.In this way, both of us have a heart in their hearts and no one goes.But I will ask him for money every month because the child requires money.

After my son went to kindergarten, I quickly found a job, sent to kindergarten every day, and then spent money to invite people to receive special custody when I was out of school.

During the period, my mother -in -law was not working, and said that I was going to help us pick up the baby, and I refused directly.In the New Year last year, my husband estimated that he was encouraged to be a second child at home. I did not agree. Last month, I didn’t pay attention to protection measures last month.

I have been embarrassed in my heart, but I didn’t expect to win the prize.But I don’t let the previous things reappear again, it is enough to suffer once, and the child is enough. After all, the rivers and mountains are easy to change the nature, and if the in -laws want to improve the relationship, come to us long ago.Essence

I came out of the hospital in the afternoon. My husband asked me what was doing. I went back directly. In the hospital, I had just finished the fetal surgery.

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