I have no dysentery during pregnancy, and 6 moves solve the pain during pregnancy

After pregnancy, I have to go to work. I was tired of my body and mind. I didn’t expect to sit down in front of the desk recently. The buttocks faintly pain, and gradually reached an unbearable level. Is this back pain?Pain in the pubic separation?Or tail pain?

I have been sitting in improper sitting for a long time, and the culprit of the culprit during the end of pregnancy

It’s easy to be uncomfortable after pregnancy.And there is a pain. As soon as you sit on a harder chair, you will be painful and unbearable. This is the tail pain during pregnancy.The position of the tail vertebra is the last section of the spine. The pregnant mother of the office workers sitting in the office for a long time. When the fetus gradually grows, the abdomen protrudes and the center of gravity lean forward.The vertebral bone replace the buttocks to withstand the weight of the upper body, so it causes too much pressure. After the improper sitting position becomes a habit, the excessive compression of the tail vertebral bone will cause the osperity to inflammation, causing the pregnant mother to be painful as long as the posture is changed.Unbearable.On the other hand, if the pregnant mother’s tailbone has an old injury, it will also cause pain and discomfort as the pelvis is enlarged.

Tail spine pain is different from lower back pain, and the pain of sitting position is intensified

During pregnancy, the whole body is painful. Back pain back pain is common. How to distinguish lower back pain and tail vertebral pain?The spine is mainly composed of cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, and tailbone. Each vertebral body consists of several bones. Pregnant mothers often have symptoms of backache back pain. Most of the pain are located in the 4th to 5th lumbar spine and sacrum.If there is severe spine problems before pregnancy, such as disc herniation, spinal skating, etc., back pain may increase after pregnancy. When the degree of pain has seriously affected urination or defecation, it must be treated as soon as possible.

The pain of the tail bone is generally the most obvious symptoms when sitting posture, and the symptoms are mild when walking.The stomach of the office worker’s stomach becomes larger, and the pelvic leaning and the center of gravity move forward. At this time, the lumbar spine will move backwards, and the back is painful by the backbone instead of the hip pressure.Each stage of pregnancy may cause tailbone pain. During the first pregnancy, hormone changes cause pelvic ligament to begin to relax, which changes the relative position of the bones and causes micro pain.By the second and third pregnancy, the fetus gradually grew up, causing the uterus to compress the tail cricket backwards, so the closer to the production, the more painful it was.

Similar pain is like the tail bone pain?Actually different!

The pubic separation of pain, the popular saying is to cross the pain, which is related to the increased concentration of relaxation in the body during pregnancy. The discomfort may extend to the back, pelvis, perineum, thigh or calf.The rapid and body shape gradually increased, which was compressed and pulled at the united of the ligament, which felt pain.

The relaxation of the pubic ligament will cause the pregnant mother to go and the center of gravity is unstable, shake, and the degree of pain varies from person to person. Some pregnant mothers may be struggling to walk even, but some people only have mild discomfort.In the second trimester, you should avoid putting your body on a single foot, such as climbing stairs, getting bed and getting bed, up and down cars to reduce the chance of joint injury.Such discomfort will generally continue until after delivery. Because the pelvis must be expanded to allow the fetus to pass the width of the fetus smoothly, compression will cause the pubic bone combined ligament to be pulled to the maximum.

Pregnant mothers in the workplace do not have to panic, 6 moves to resolve tailbone pain

The first trick: use a medium air pad chair

Use a hollow air cushion similar to a swimming ring to relieve the pressure of the tail vertebral bone when the pregnant mother is sitting, and pay attention that the sitting position should not exceed 30 minutes.

Test 2: Walk moderately daily

By taking a moderate walking and walking every day, in addition to reducing tailbone pain caused by sitting position, it can also avoid excessive weight gain.

No. 3: Take a bath in a swimming circle

Put the swimming ring below the hip during a bath, and promote the pelvic blood circulation by warm water, which helps to eliminate inflammation and pain.

Test 4: Sleep on the left and add pillows to assist

When the pregnant mother sleeps, the side lying posture must be supported by the abdomen, and a long pillow can be sandwiched between the feet, which is more comfortable.In addition, sleeping on the left side is better. If you are lying on your knees, put the pillow under your knees to reduce the pressure on the waist.

Fifth trick: Walking in the water

Walking in water is a good way to exercise during pregnancy!Walking through the water, borrowing the buoyancy of the water to reduce the abdominal load and slow the pain of the tail vertebral vertebral.

Strike 6: Moderate to do stretching exercises

Moderate move at home and do a simple stretching exercise, which is also helpful for soothing tail vertebral pain!Cat -dog, bridge, infant -style, and lower dogs are very suitable for the stretching exercise of pregnant mothers, but the lower dog should be avoided during the third pregnancy.

On the other hand, for the part of the tail pain during pregnancy, there are many precautions for pregnant mothers during pregnancy, such as avoiding heavy objects, preventing constipation from causing greater abdominal pressure, more careful sneezing, and during the pregnancy courseThe intercourse should be mild to reduce the damage.

Tailor pain during pregnancy rely on this trick: cat and dog style

Cat and dog style is one of the traditional postures of yoga. If the pregnant mother has the trouble of tail vertebral pain, the cat and dog style is the most suitable stretching exercise. The action is very simple and can be easily done at home.

Exercise effect

Through cats and dogs, you can relax your shoulders and necks and slow down the discomfort of the lower back. At the same time, the entire spine can be extended, so that the spine can be kept in a good arrangement.

Step1: After preparing for the kneeling position of the four feet, pay attention to your hands, shoulders, knees and hips on the same line.

Step2: When inhaling, the hips are raised and your eyes look ahead.

Step3: After exhaling, pick up the chin, roll the tail, and arch back in the direction of the ceiling.

For the first time, the pregnant mother who stretches exercises will slow down.It is recommended to do it 8 to 10 times a day. If you feel uncomfortable, you can add a thick towel or thick pad to the yoga mat, which is more comfortable to stretch.

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