I have frequent urination during pregnancy, what should I do?

Almost every pregnant mother will experience the embarrassing stage of frequent urination.Pregnant mothers often interrupted their dreams because they couldn’t hold urine in the middle of the night. When they went shopping and played, they might also be in the dilemma of the toilet in urgency. Can I solve it without recruitment?

The "one end and one end" during pregnancy, love frequent urination

Frequent urination during pregnancy mainly occurs in early and third trimester. This is mainly because women’s genitals are adjacent to the bladder, and the blood vessels, lymph and nerves between them are closely related.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the influence of hormones in the body, pelvic congestion, stimulating the bladder and producing urine.In the early pregnancy, the uterus is in the pelvic cavity. With the development of the embryo, the increasing uterus compresses the bladder, which reduces the storage of the bladder than usual, and it will increase the number of urination, but the amount of each solution is less than usual.

By the time of 4 months of pregnancy, the uterus will move from the pelvic cavity to the abdominal cavity, and the pressure on the bladder will slowly reduce the pressure, so the symptoms of frequent urination will slowly relieve.However, in the third trimester, as the fetal head dropped, the bladder was compressed and the number of urination occurred again.

In addition, the kidneys increased slightly during pregnancy, and the total urine volume of urine excreted through the kidneys also increased accordingly. This is also one of the reasons why the urine output during pregnancy increases the amount of urine during pregnancy.

As long as the problem of urethral infection is excluded, frequent urination and urgency during pregnancy are normal.

Run less to the toilet, rely on these three tricks

Running to the toilet frequently, this makes the pregnant mothers worry very much. Is there any way to reduce the frequent urination?Dr. Wen gave a few tricks.

1. Drink water in moderation

Some pregnant mothers simply drink less water in order to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet, and even drink the water before drinking water. This is also unscientific. The thirst shows that the human body is seriously short of water. At this timeBalanced, if the human body is in such a "lack of water" for a long time, it is very unfavorable to health.

The correct approach is that frequent urination is caused by physiological changes, and it cannot be eliminated.It can only increase water intake during the day and drink less water before going to bed to reduce frequent nighturia to ensure sufficient sleep.

2. Timely urination

Pregnant mothers usually take the initiative to urinate for a while.However, when some pregnant mothers went out, they did not go to the bathroom until they were so anxious to save time, and some even stood up.Dr. Wen pointed out that this approach must be.The urination time is too long, which will not only affect the bladder function, but also accelerate the reproduction of bacteria and the urinary system infection.Once the infection occurs, if it is not treated in time, inflammation will even affect smooth production, and there may be abortion and premature birth.

The correct approach is to urinate when there is urination, and should not be held or endured.In addition to frequent urination, there are also pregnant mothers with urgency, pain, unilateral back pain, and deducting pregnant mothers with obvious pain in the affected renal area.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva

During pregnancy, you should pay attention to cleaning the vulva with warm water every day, and change the underwear. The chosen underwear is best cotton and the breathability is good. It is also to avoid inflammation.

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