I have been preparing for pregnancy after marriage. What are the symptoms of pregnant women just pregnant?

1. Mentalities.This symptom has led women to notice more pregnancy symptoms.The menstruation of healthy women has always been a month -on -month tide. If the period is not coming, we can first think of the possibility of pregnancy.Generally speaking, if the moon has passed for a week, the mild uterine colic/discomfort, abdominal distension, constipation, heartburreating, nasal congestion, shortness of appetite, increased appetite, emotional changes, dizziness, spider mole, liver palm, liver palm palmis, Increase skin pigmentation (face, white line, areola).

2. Sleep a lot of sleep, because two people need nutrition when they are just pregnant, so she often eats a lot. Such people usually have pregnancy vomiting. After vomiting, he can continue to eat back. You like to sleep very much.I feel sleepy.Dizziness and brain swelling 2 Mathery to vomit 3 Destiny 3 Sathery 4 Seeing greasy foods want to vomit. It is particularly sensitive to taste. 5 Special obsessed with no food such as sour or spicy.The uterus will gradually increase as the fetal pregnancy sac increases. Soft tissues such as ligaments around the uterus will be pulled, and some hidden pain appear on both sides is normal.But if it is a unilateral tear or severe pain, it is definitely not normal, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

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3. Vomiting! This symptom should have all pregnant mothers! At first, it was just retider, and his appetite was not good. Later, he really vomited, or he did n’t vomit.I will faint because I did n’t eat breakfast. When I was pregnant before, I would faint by bus, and I did n’t take a bus later.There is change.

Early symptoms of pregnancy are: fatigue.You may sleep very early, but you find that it is more difficult to get up in the morning. When you go out and go shopping, you feel full of fatigue.Exercise becomes high consumption.Simple activities such as shopping will make you feel very tired, and even heavy heads.All these symptoms are derived from the growth of hormones in your body.

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