I have a fever during pregnancy. Should expectant mothers take hard resistance or medicine?

Author: Wang Ni (the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department, the popular science author)

In October, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to ensure that there is no physical discomfort during pregnancy. If there is a slight discomfort during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will choose to "carry one" to defeat the disease.But if it is a fever, pregnant mothers and even family members will be very nervous.Fear of fevering medicines affect the fetus, and if you do n’t take it, you will also affect the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Fever is a very common symptom of clinical practice. It is often caused by a variety of infectious diseases or non -infectious diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia.

Heating is actually a protective mechanism of the body. It is a positive response to human immune cells and foreign germs.But it will cause damage to the body at all.

Studies have shown that there are high fever of 39.5 ° C in the first three months of pregnancy to increase the risk of abortion and fetal and spine birth defects at 39.5 ° C.The risk of fever during late pregnancy increases premature birth.1

In addition, the body temperature of pregnant women exceeds 38.5 ° C for more than 24 hours, which may cause embryo deformity. The longer the duration, the higher the body temperature, and the greater the impact on the fetus.

What should I do if I have fever during pregnancy?

Do not choose to cover sweat, wine wipe, etc.

Some pregnant women or family members believe that they cannot be used during pregnancy, so they choose to carry it even if they are fever, or try to cool down through some methods such as covering the quilt to sweat and drinking the body.In fact, there are many hidden safety hazards in these practices.

High fever may cause pregnant women’s water consumption and electrolyte disorders. If it is blindly adopted by sweating and cooling, it may lead to serious complications such as dehydration and high fever ricoria. Wipe through alcohol can cause pregnant women to absorb too much alcohol and affect the fetus.

Don’t abuse Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine

Many pregnant women in China are afraid that the toxic and side effects of western medicine will affect the fetus, so fever or illness is more willing to choose Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine.

However, some studies have shown that taking contraceptives and Chinese herbal medicines (such as plate Lantan, cold granula, etc.) in the early pregnancy have a certain relationship with the occurrence of fetal nerve tube deformities.2

Don’t abuse the antipyretic medicine

The abuse of antipyretic drugs may also lead to serious adverse consequences. One of the most common antipyretic drugs is Mihin, also known as anti -pain. It is considered to be a good medicine for antipyretics due to the obvious effect of relieving heat and relieving inflammatory pain.Unexplained during pregnancy may cause the fetal arterial catheter to close in advance.

Therefore, care needs to be used carefully during pregnancy.There are many reasons for fever. Sometimes even the result of the comprehensive effects of a variety of complex diseases, simply antipyretics may not achieve good results, but it is easy to delay the disease.

During the pregnancy, you should not take medicine without authorization. You should go to a professional hospital for detailed and comprehensive examination under the guidance of a professional doctor, and then use the medication.Of course, if the body temperature is high before medical treatment, you can also use a warm bath, wipe the body with a wet towel, etc.

Active treatment of primary onset: A large part of the fever during pregnancy is caused by autoimmune diseases, and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus are not recommended for pregnancy; in addition, chronic nephritis, lung diseases, diseases, and lung diseases,, lung diseases, diseases, and lung diseases.Cardinitis and other diseases may also worsen during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women with primary diseases should actively treat primary diseases, and when the primary disease is controlled or even after cure; influenza vaccine is injected as soon as possibleEasy to be susceptible. Therefore, it is recommended to inject influenza vaccines early before pregnancy, especially influenza explosives to prevent influenza; reasonable rest, balanced diet: sufficient rest, balanced diet can improve the body’s immunity, improve the body’s anti -virus invasion of virus invasionIn terms of ability, pregnant women should increase the intake of high -quality protein such as fish, shrimp, egg milk and fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure sufficient rest and improve their own immunity.Physical discomfort, early medical treatment: pregnant mothers and not to be taboo and doctors. When the body is not in time, she should seek medical treatment early, clear diagnosis, and treat early to prevent delays from delaying the condition.

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