I got a cold when I was pregnant, what can I do?No need to panic solution very simple

In modern society, it seems to be affected by diet, water, and so on.It’s not easy to get pregnant, and everyone should have the kind of friends who can’t conceive their children for many years.This allows everyone to be very cautious about pregnancy.Especially after pregnancy, I am so cautious, for fear of any problems.This triggered a series of panic.For example, if you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat random, and you ca n’t go casually.The mobile phone and computer dare not use it.Even if you choose clothes, you must choose carefully.And what we want to say today is a scary thing, that is, a cold during pregnancy.

1. Prevention

For colds, there is nothing to be scared for ordinary people.Everyone has to go through dozens of times in their lives.However, once this is pregnant, it seems different.It is nothing more than worrying about drugs or virus bacteria on the fetus.In fact, in the final analysis, it is still necessary to prevent it.Rather than getting sick after getting sick, it is better to pay more attention, exercise more, and prevent the cold.Usually pregnant women, after three months, can exercise normal degrees. Walking more. Multi -activity can not only prevent colds, but also have good benefits in the fetus in the abdomen.

2. Learn a trick

In fact, there are obvious symptoms in the early stage of a cold. If you find it in time, it can also make it not develop.In addition to being able to know the signal, you also need to learn some small methods.For example, many people, the early symptoms of a cold are runny nose, and there are many viruses and bacteria in the snot.If you cannot clean up in time, you will have a place where bacteria have grown and exacerbate the condition.At this time, everyone must use sea salt water to clean the nasal cavity, so that the bacteria do not grow, and naturally there will be no worse soil.

Third, follow the doctor’s advice

However, important things we have to emphasize at the end.Be sure to seek medical treatment and listen to the doctor in time.Many people will be afraid of seeking medical treatment, especially during pregnancy. I feel that the medicine prescribed by the husband will affect the baby.This will delay the condition and make it worse.The most correct way is to go to the hospital in time when the condition appears.According to the doctor’s prescription, the correct medication.In fact, everyone must not have panic, although many drugs are really not suitable for pregnant women.But there is no problem with appropriate amounts of appropriate drugs.As long as the doctor’s advice, the correct use is completely fine.

The baby is the collection of every family’s love, and now all parents are most concerned about.Although this is understandable, it should still have a degree. Sometimes, too much attention will play the opposite role.Scientific and correct problems during pregnancy and childcare are the safest and reliable.

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