I found that my husband was derailed, but I proposed a divorce, but found that she was pregnant, and the single mother was very happy.

Story Source: TV Drama Plot

I am a doctor, and my husband is the high -level management of a large company. We have our own houses, cars, and annual income in big cities. We are successful.

But for the sake of career, we have always been unwilling to ask for children. They all say that children are the bonds of marriage. Sooner or later, there is a problem with the marriage without a child.

I found that my husband was wrong because of a necklace. When I washed him, I found that there was a jewelry box in his pocket with a heart -shaped necklace.

I thought it was given to me, but then I found this necklace on a patient with a patient in the hospital.

I deliberately learned about the necklace. It turned out that it was a limited edition. There were only two in the city. I immediately bought another one.

He deliberately brought in front of his husband, but he was indifferent and did not happen to anything.

Later, I found out that there was a document at the Lijing Hotel in his pocket. I asked him why he went to Lijing Hotel?He said that his boss asked him to help him, and he had never been to.

Later, he brought me the cream cake of Lijing Hotel back.He said that the location of their meeting turned to Lijing Hotel.

After that, he often brought me the cream cake of Lijing Hotel. I felt that he was so good, and thought about me at work.

It was a woman who came to the hospital with a limited edition necklace. She came to breast augmentation surgery. I faintly felt that she had something to do with her husband.

In order to figure out whether they have a relationship, I have repeatedly emphasized that this operation must be signed by his boyfriend to sign it in person.

Two days later, she came. With her boyfriend, she was a handsome guy, not my husband.I took a breath and felt that my suspicion was too serious.

It may be that the menopause is coming soon. I feel that I have wronged my husband and I ca n’t go. In the evening, I take the initiative to hit a poker with my husband.

And I decided to ask him for a child. With a child, I would not think so much, and I should have a child at this age.

My husband did not refuse me, we were very harmonious, and I believed that I was wronged with him.

After a series of inspections, the woman was ready to perform surgery.When I went to the bathroom, I heard her call.

She said, "I’m afraid he will divorce his wife, and I just play with him. I still like my little fresh meat boyfriend. He just has money. I am for his money.It ’s full of serious look all day, but he was very sad for his wife. His wife was still covered in the drum? It’ s interesting that he had a date with me and would bring a cream cake to his wife every time.Go back, don’t know what he mean? "

When I heard this, I had burst into tears. It turned out that my husband really betrayed me, and it was not once. It was ridiculous that his lover did not love him.

When this woman was lying on the operating table, I had a trace. As long as I made a little hand and feet, her chest would be gone, and this operation was invisible.Only then will slowly shrink.

It is not possible to rebel up a medical accident, and it can also be said that the recovery in the later period is not good, because any surgery is risky. No one can guarantee 100 %, and I also recommend that she does not have to do this.

My hand rises and falls, just between the thoughts, I did not start with her, but did things with her own conscience, because my mother told me that being a person must be worthy of his conscience, and he will not regret it in the future.

After doing this operation, my husband and I divorced. After he knew the reason, he left very quickly. He gave me most of the property at home.Maybe he wanted to get rid of me long ago, and now there is a chance.

After the divorce, I found that I was pregnant. Although I was not ready to be a mother, my motherly love was born, and I must leave this child.

After I gave birth to a child, I took my mother to help me. When I work to make money to raise her, when she went to the kindergarten, I took her by myself and accompanied her every day to make her delicious. I felt very happy.I am in a good mood and my skin is good.No longer need to be as suspicious as before.

In the past, our living conditions were on top. The necklace of my back bag was limited edition, but I must be unhappy, and I felt very depressed.The spots on the face continued to rush, spent a lot of money to maintain, the state has been bad, and people are very old and old.

Now I don’t drive a luxury car, and I have not went to a high -end hotel for dinner. My life has reduced a lot of levels, but I live very happy and feel that the whole person is refreshing.In fact, the relationship between happiness, happiness and more money and less money, and more importantly, your own heart.

After the ex -husband wanted to marry his lover after divorcing me, his lover abandoned him ruthlessly.After that, he found a lot of lover and did not go to the end.

He knew that I had children and was single, and came to me to remarry, saying that I wanted to give my children a complete home, but I refused.

Of course, it is important to finish home, but I can’t get to that hurdle in my heart. I think that he will be disgusting and hate him.There was no way to return to him.If it is you, will you forgive the husband who has been derailed?

It is important to communicate between husbands and wives. Although the career is important, it is still good to have a child within five years of marriage. Children will be a lubricant in your marriage life.

Although she will bring you more trouble and economic pressure, it will also bring you happiness, and if you have children, you have inheritance and worry.Most women will forgive men for their children.

As a man, letting his wife and children have a good time to live a good life. It is a successful man, not to find a lover outside to prove himself.

As long as you are nice to your wife, don’t worry about his wife, and don’t let her be so tired. She is also a beauty. She is always caused by you.Tree roots become artworks.

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