I don’t want accidental pregnancy, drug VS abortion?

No matter what kind of miscarriage, you must first check and eliminate ectopic pregnancy. You must remember this accident!


○ Suitable for the crowd: within 49 days of pregnancy.

○ Principles: You will take two drugs in order. The first drug is Mepatone. It will make the progesterone in the body lose power and the embryo will stop growing.Next, take the frontol alcohol, which can promote the shrinkage of the uterus, and then discharge the embryo and tissue in the uterus (warm reminder: Please take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor).

○ Pain level: severe pain, many blood blocks flow, it may last 1-2 days, and it is abnormal for more than 2 days.

○ Whether it is successful: Whether the milky white gestational sac is discharged, whether the discharge is completely.Unsuccessful means failure, you need to perform surgery.

○ Advantages: Early the embryo is small, the smaller the embryo, the higher the power, the smaller the damage (note that you need to do B -ultrasound first to determine the embryo size).

○ Disadvantages: Long time, severe pain, may cause persistent bleeding. The loser of the medicine flow needs to be cleared, which is artificial abortion surgery.

——The flow- ——

○ Suitable for the crowd: within 12 weeks of pregnancy.At 7-10 weeks, the embryo tissue was attracted through negative pressure.After 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus and the placenta tissue need to be removed with the curettage.

○ Advantages: One step is in place, the success rate is 99%-100%, saving time, convenience, painless, and fast. Generally, it can be discharged on the same day and was discharged on the same day.

○ Disadvantages: The greater the number of gestational weeks, the higher the operation difficulty, the higher the technical requirements for doctors’ operation. It is recommended to perform surgery as early as possible.


In fact, no matter what kind of way,

When preparing for psychology,

Get rid of the important step of fear.

Second, it depends on the specific situation when choosing,

Such as the size of the gestational sac, the bed location of the fertilized egg, etc.,

Therefore, we must go to a professional hospital,

Select the right way according to your own conditions,

Minimize the damage to the body.

Furthermore, hesitant to hesitate,

Whether it is selected from people or medicines,

It’s better to take contraceptive measures in advance,

It is the most important thing to love yourself!

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Such as accidental pregnancy,

Please choose a professional hospital for surgery as soon as possible.

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