I don’t know if I drink a lot of wine, I want to get it now ~

I am now determining that the pregnancy on the 2nd of this month is that on the 4th, because of a business trip, I drank a lot of wine in entertainment, and there were many old men around smoking.

My husband said that this will have a malformed fetus and let me be killed. I am also afraid of problems. Is it better? (My husband and I are still young now)?

Also, I often need to travel on a business trip. Is it really great that the tobacco and alcohol is really harmful to the fetus?


Since you are sure that the No. 2 is pregnant, No. 4 fertilized eggs have not officially bed, so alcohol will not affect the fetus.But for expectant mothers, once you decide to be pregnant, it is best to quit smoking and alcohol, because many times you do not know the real date of your pregnancy. If you drink after the fertilized eggs, you will have a bad impact on the development of the fetus, and you will regret it.As well.

In fact, all the substances you eat, drink and inhale during pregnancy will enter the fetus.This kind of "sharing" between maternal and infants began after conception.

In the first two months of pregnancy, embryos are the most vulnerable.Because at this stage, the main part of the child’s body (arm, legs, hands, feet, liver, heart, genitals, eyes, and brain) has just begun to form.

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and chemical components in certain drugs can affect the development of the fetus. Some may cause the fetus to develop slowly, and some even cause congenital malformations of the fetus.

Taking smoking as an example

If pregnant women smoke during pregnancy, the child’s weight is likely to be significantly low.Even the smoke (passive smoking) released by pregnant women can also affect the child.Therefore, please try to stay away from the smoking area and prevent the smoker from litting the cigarette around you.

If you have the habit of smoking before doubt, and keep it until now, then it is time to quit -not only insisting on giving birth to children, but always abstaining.Because children growing up in the family environment of smoking are more likely to suffer from otitis media and respiratory diseases in infants and early childhood, and they are more likely to develop smoking habits when they grow up.

There are also many problems with alcohol

Taking alcohol during pregnancy will increase the risk of fetal suffering from "fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)."This disease is often the culprit that causes fetal birth defects and intelligence than normal average.

Fetails with fetal alcohol syndrome may also have problems such as heart defects, limb deformities (such as feet back), spinal bumps, small skulls, abnormal facial characteristics, small body shape, and low birth weight.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is also the main cause of mental retardation of newborns.In addition, intake of alcohol during pregnancy also increases the probability of abortion and premature birth of pregnant women.

There is evidence that the more alcohol in pregnant women, the greater the risk of the fetus.The safest way is to drink any alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

Of course, pregnant women do not need to kill the fetus because of smoking and drinking once or twice. After all, those who can successfully conceive are high -quality fertilized eggs. Pay attention to supplementing folic acid in the early pregnancy, and pay more attention to the details of life.

At the same time, although work is important, you are now a pregnant woman. I suggest you reflect your situation to your boss leader in time. No matter what, they will not let a pregnant woman frequently travel.

Wish good pregnancy.

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