I do n’t know who the child is when I am pregnant. I have a pain after breaking up with my boyfriend …

Letter: @excel 1.

Hello teacher, I broke up with my current birthday yesterday, because my mobile phone was bought by his bank card ID card. His mother said that her son had no job and no money, and asked me to pay back. But I just miscarried some time ago.

That is, I did something wrong. Once I drank and drank too much about my predecessor, I went.I was drunk that night, and although the ex -said that I did not touch me at the time, I did not rule out the possibility of the child’s predecessor, and the days were right.

Before I saw my chat record with my predecessor, I was determined that it was the predecessor’s child. At first he didn’t say anything. Now he always minds this matter, and take it for each time.Once he hit me in the hospital (before pregnancy, I didn’t know the predecessor).

We have been together for a year and a half, and I am reluctant to be reluctant to have this relationship. What should I do?He was impulsive and extreme. He quarreled with me every day some time ago, and the shadow of the quarrel came out. I forgive me several times with other women. He knelt down and begged me.of.

I can’t forget him now, but I ca n’t do it with him. What should I do?

Excellent. Hello.

As for the children’s biological father unknown, since your boyfriend already knows, there is basically no way to recover.The most unbearable thing for men is that girlfriends have a relationship with other men, and they are pregnant with other people’s children.At first he didn’t say anything, because his feelings were there, but now he is rational, and his breath is not good.

In fact, if you really do not have a voluntary relationship with your ex -boyfriend, you should do a test when you have a miscarriage to see who the child is, and you can find the person responsible for responsibility.Now that this incident has become a headless case, your innocence and rights have been destroyed.

In this matter, your boyfriend is also a victim like you. He is also very painful. He will always remember that he has been cheated by his ex -girlfriend, and he may even have other children’s children. He will have the shadow of feelings in the future.

Just as when I was a child, I accidentally destroyed the things at home. We really didn’t intentionally, but it was because of our own reasons, so there was no way. The cost of growing up was so painful.

Besides, you are currently playing you.Between husband and wife and couple, no matter what, whether it is a man or a woman, it is wrong to hit people.You still quarrel every day, and you are still entangled with your ex -predecessor … God, what else is the value of this kind of feathers?

A relationship is not a person’s problem. It is a problem with both people. Don’t feel unwilling, look far away. After thinking about it, there is no need to let yourself be trapped for a lifetime.You are still young, men will have the next one after breaking up, you have to believe that the next one will be better.

Under such circumstances, you are unlikely to start with the current renemination. Even if you recovery, he must have an irregular bomb in his heart, and it will be fried at any time, so the teacher suggested that long pain is not as good as short pain.

Turn this pain into motivation and be a better person.Give a girl with a sense of security, and happiness can be available.

As for the mobile phone, since he sent you, you are not yet eliminated.He did not say that let his mother say that he did not read his old feelings and wanted to reduce his losses, but he couldn’t pull the face.

You don’t need to rely on your mobile phone to prove your bone air. Even if you do this, they will not say good words, don’t have to be overwhelmed.

I hope you can consider it yourself, deal with things about feelings, and don’t let yourself lose your losses in the future.

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