I do n’t know which subject to see a doctor?Hurry up this super "registration" guide

At present, the division of the hospital departments is becoming more and more detailed. Many patients do not know which department they should hang in. Today, Handan First Hospital has collected some diseases that are easy to "hang up".Help.

1. Hot fever

Accompanied by cough, sputum, chest pain -the first choice of respiratory department

Accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal distension, and umbilical pain -the first choice of digestive internal medicine

Accompanied by headache, nausea, and consciousness -the first choice

Youth women, long -term fever, accompanied by multiple joint pains -rheumatism immunology

2. Abdominal pain

First acute pain in the right abdomen, fever in the later period -the first choice of gastrointestinal surgery

Specific abdominal pain occurs after menopause of childbearing age, gynecological

Accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria -urology, nephrology

Accompaniment, vomiting, diarrhea -the first choice

Abdominal pain is mostly related to activity and emotional fluctuations. Most accompanied by fatigue, sweating, chest pain, radiation pain in shoulder and back -Cardiology

Cancer patients with refractory abdominal pain -Pain Clinic

The cough is obvious, accompanied by fever, and abdominal pain increases when inhaling

Three, headache

Headache is accompanied by spray vomiting, weak limbs, or even loss of consciousness -the first choice of neurology

Headache on one or two sides, worse when fatigue and tension -the first choice of neurology

If it is a headache caused by trauma -the first choice of neurosurgery

Headache is accompanied by poor physical activity, and you cannot speak and mouth saliva -the first choice of neurosurgery

Headache is significantly higher than the normal range, red eyes, weakness, chest tightness -the first choice of cardiology and neurology

With blurred vision and pain in the eyes, it may be caused by high intraocular pressure -ophthalmology

Dizziness and tinnitus associated with position -the first choice of otolaryngology department

Most of them are migraine, mainly on both sides of the temporal part, and the pain worsen during neck activity -orthopedic clinic

Fourth, dizziness, dizziness

Lie down or turn over to change the dizziness when you change your position -the first choice

Standing unstable, messy eyeballs, even unclear consciousness -neurology

Cosmetic pain in halo, with numbness with hands and feet -orthopedic clinic

In the heart of the heart when dizziness, the heart is painful and panic -internal medicine

Dizziness with the eyes -ophthalmology

Accompanied by pale complexion -blood department

Five, chest pain

Chest pain is relatively fixed, with symptoms such as compression and panic. Pain can radiate to the left shoulder, and even radiate to the left side of the left side and the little thumb.

If it is caused by trauma such as fractures, the pain is intensified when the transgents such as bending and bending -other transgents -orthopedic clinic

If the continuous chest pain on the same side and pain is acupuncture, it may be infected with shingles -the first choice of dermatology

Six, leg pain, knee joint, hand joint pain

A joint swelling and pain -the preferred orthopedic clinic

If the double limbs appear cold and feel lacking, the calf swelling may be deep venous thrombosis -vascular surgery, intervention of vascular surgery

If there are multiple joint pains on both sides of the knee joint, hand joints, etc.

Seven, toothache

Gingival inflammation, swelling and pain -dental department

If the other side and face of the toothache will feel pain and nasal congestion -otolaryngomya

If toothache always appears after exercise -Cardiology

Accompanied by half face or severe pain in the upper and lower jaw -neurology, neurosurgery

8. Breast disease

Female breast pain -the first choice of glandular surgery

Men’s pain caused by breast disease -glandular surgery or endocrinology

Boys with long blisters in breast skin and pain -dermatology

Nine, abnormal urination

Frequent urination, urgency, pain, hematuria, accompanied by edema or back pain — the first choice of nephrology and urological surgery

Ten, blood in the stool

Bringing fresh blood in the stool -the first choice anorectal surgery

Dark red or black blood -the first choice

Eleven, insomnia

Stress and anxiety -Preferred Psychological Consultation Outpatient Clinic

Can’t sleep or sleep -internal medicine, psychological counseling clinic

Twelve, back pain

Limparies are accompanied by numbness of the lower limbs and pain discomfort -orthopedic clinic

Often occurred in young men, with low back pain and stiffness when standing in the morning or sitting for a long time.

Lumbar pain, especially bending, stirring, exhaustion, and intensification after exercise -orthopedic clinic

Women, accompanied by small abdomen swelling, abnormal leucorrhea -gynecological

Tingling on the waist, long blisters on the surface of the skin -dermatology

Lumbar pain is accompanied by hematuria, fever; unilateral low back pain, urination discomfort, abnormal urine output, etc. -nephreal and urology

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