I did n’t get married before my girlfriend did n’t marry after pregnancy. The two children grew up exactly.

” Little!do you know!I want to share a good news with you!That’s my pregnancy!Wow hahaha … "I just came out of the hospital, just now I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department. In the past few months, I felt that my body was not very comfortable, and I felt that I might be pregnant.I was really happy after I was pregnant, but my first person to call was not my husband. The person I couldn’t help sharing was a girlfriend who grew up with me since I was a child.

The two of us grew up together and played together to play together. We spent our best girl time together, but during the college entrance examination, she did not get the same university with me due to the failure of the exam.Our university is separated, and our feelings are not as good as before, and we do n’t know how to live with each other as before.

But then we gradually linked again. Our feelings were getting better again. Soon after I graduated, I met my current husband. When I first met my husband, I felt a particularly familiar feeling. Of course, weTwo people are also specially shot together. He always knows what I am thinking, and feels what I have known for many years.

Soon after getting married, this was not, I was pregnant, and my girlfriend slowly recovered with me after I got married, so I first told her when I was pregnant and shared my joy.But just after I was pregnant, my girlfriend was not married before she was pregnant. This made me very strange. She didn’t even have a boyfriend. Where I asked my girlfriend, I didn’t say it.For her safety, I also asked my husband to take us two to go back to the delivery for inspection.

Shortly after the child was born, the girlfriend was born. Both of us were little boys. We also said that they were both brothers.No, with the passage of time, a problem has become more and more doubtful, that is, the two children grow up like it.

Even the neighbors downstairs said that the two children looked like both brothers. Of course, they had a word in my heart and didn’t say it. That was, they looked like my husband. Hearing the neighbors.They were all covered, and after watching it carefully, the two children really looked like my husband.

I secretly took my two children to do parent -child identification. I was blinded by the results of the inspection. The two really were brothers!I think of the abnormalities in daily life, and I suddenly understand it!The child of the girlfriend is her husband!No wonder my husband had to carry a girlfriend to the physical examination before, and I would bring her a copy of what I bought. I thought my husband was so good to my girlfriend, but if you think about it, this is too good to be too good.It’s too much!

I found someone to investigate what’s going on. It turned out that her husband was a girlfriend during his girlfriend college, but later the two broke up because of quarrels. After I got married, my girlfriend discovered that her husband was her ex -boyfriend, and the two people recovered again.Burning, this is not, I was pregnant with me, but what about me?Still deceived by two people in the drum!

What should I do now, my world is dark …

(The story of the article is the real plot, the picture comes from the Internet)

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