I decided to drink some alcohol at night, it doesn’t matter if it is uncomfortable, it is more important to save the world.

In the morning, go to a friend’s shop to buy tea, 2,000 yuan. When the payment is paid, it is to test the integrity of friends.As soon as my friend took the money, I said: Click on it to avoid mistakes."My friend smiled into his pocket, and said," We don’t have to care so much about the relationship between us, it doesn’t matter if you don’t care so much."Suddenly tens of thousands of alpacas in my heart."

My cousin has been admitted to my university this year. Recently, the freshman is in military training. Every time I walk with my cousin, he wore a military uniform. The key is that sometimes he will pull me away, and he will find a lot of contempt next to him.My eyes, sometimes I heard passers -by saying that they are hooking up with elementary school brothers again!Heart …

Her wife was pregnant. She kept hiccups after dinner. I wanted to scare her to cure snoring, so I asked her face slowly: Who is the child?My wife looked at me and asked me what it meant.I said: Don’t hide it, I know, I think you deducted it, who is that person?After a while, my wife was crying and confessing with me!Children are really fucking!She fucking is frank while snoring!

I drank too much meal, and called for a driver. After getting in the car, I took the sunglasses on behalf of the driver.The corner of the driving mouth rose, sneered: Yes, I am.Pharaoh curled up and said, "Can you let me go once?"On behalf of the car, the car said: How is it possible? "I advise you.EssenceEssenceYou’d better get a seat belt. This time the co -pilot can not brake you to step on, do you understand?Coach Wang!

My dad used to be a packaging head, and one day he took tens of thousands of to prepare to pay for migrant workers. He was robbed when he arrived at the construction site!My dad shouted directly: robbery!Your salary is robbed!The migrant workers recognized my dad’s voice, and everyone in the construction site fucking the guy, hammer, steel salamander, iron pick, and so on.The robbers shouted on the spot and shouted on the ground.

There is a custom of our nation girl who married. If you live upstairs, you must first carry your brother’s brother downstairs, and then the groom will be held on the wedding car.The cousin’s cousin’s distant brother can do.I remember when I got married, my cousin glanced at me and asked, do you have other brothers?

I just communicated with my husband. I said that if divorce, how do you have to hug me upstairs, how to hug it, a few cars picked me up, and several cars sent me back …… My husband looked at me and saidThen you have to shoot me in the past few years, and return it to me together …..

A uncle was sitting opposite the train.Drive the uncle and took out a roast chicken from the bag.Twist the chicken head, throw the remaining chicken body out of the window, and look at the chicken head in his hand for a long time, and throw it out silently.

Cousin: Cousin, you see Lu Han and Guan Tong.Cousin: My pig is down.Cousin: What does your pig’s cubs have to do with me?Cousin: Yes, my pig, you do n’t care about meeting every day, but you care about a thing that you may not be seen in this life!

The ID card was lost. Go to the police station to make up for it. The staff directly move the photo of the previous ID card in the computer. I said that shouldn’t they take pictures again?The staff said: You did not have to take pictures before the last time I handled it. I said: Did you not feel that the last photo was not good -looking? He looked at me at a glance: Little girl, read more when you have time.EssenceEssence

Early in the morning, my mother came over and called me to get up: "I got up and got up. Why did you sleep again and told you that it would affect the development of the chest." I was woke up, rubbed my head, and murmured:"Mom, I’m 36D, what extent you want me to develop." My mother smiled proudly: "Why do you have to surpass my mother me?"

The husband was very unhappy when he went home, and his wife asked with concern: "Have you encountered something wrong?" Husband: "I pick up 200 yuan on the bus today." Wife: "That should be happy!" Husband: "Another passenger also saw it, I divided him with him …" His wife: "Didn’t you still have 100 yuan?" Husband: "Before I went home, I found that the 200 yuan was actually lost by myself."

I really do n’t want to drink anymore, I do n’t want to drink anymore, it ’s too uncomfortable, but if you do n’t drink, the winery will go down, the winery will lose, the employee will be unemployed, and the employment pressure of employees will increase.When it will stabilize, finance will collapse, the world economy will be paralyzed, the financial crisis will trigger resource plunder, resource plunder will mobilize aggression, and the world will eventually perish."Thinking of this, I was so scared that I had a cold sweat. I decided to drink it again at night. It is not important to be uncomfortable, and it is more important to save the world.

Once I was stared at by a big dog on the road, I ran, and ran the more and more chased. At this time, the dog owner behind me shouted: Squat!I don’t think it’s a dog who is afraid that people are squatting.Sure enough, the dog didn’t catch up.Turning his face, the dog squatted behind.The dog owner smiled and said, "I’m sorry, the little girl, I said the dog.

The refrigerator and ice cream are couples. One day, ice cream and refrigerator quarreled, and the ice cream was out of home.However, the ice cream left the refrigerator took a few steps and wet … I was afraid of myself, so I came back to confessed to the refrigerator … Open the door in the refrigerator and say coldly: "I know wrong? Come up, freeze it yourself!"

There are two types of women in ancient green buildings, one is a prostitute.Most of the puppets have average appearance. They do n’t understand, and do n’t understand piano, painting, calligraphy and painting, but they have been working hard on the bed; prostitutes are beautiful, proficient in appearance, elegant, and work on the bed.If you marry a wife, everyone will only refer to it.But if you marry a prostitute, everyone will be envious.Time was gone, and the puppet became anchor, and prostitutes became actors.

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