I ca n’t find the cause of the major hospitals. After I am pregnant, I can find glandular diseases. Can children still ask?

I told you a lot of little knowledge of uterine adenomy muscles. I also received a lot of private messages. I probably sorted up and share with you.

The first is that I found that many friends like to ask, "Can the doctor, can uterine adenoisotropy heal itself?"

I have also met a lot of patients in the clinic. "Doctor, can uterine fibroids heal? Can polyps be healed by themselves?"

I said that, most of the diseases, the probability of self -healing, is to buy scraping music with you, and then it is almost the same.This kind of disease is different from our cold, cough, and it is not good for taking or not taking medicine.

People do not intervene, it will not be improved, it will increase, serious, and will lead to infertility.

Therefore, don’t have a fluke, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Yes, many friends are worried now that it is difficult to see a doctor and expensive, but if it is treated in time from the beginning, the condition is not so serious, and the cost is relatively small.

Some friends asked, what should I do if I found that there is uterine adenomia after pregnancy? Can my child still ask?

If it is really a natural conception, then I want to congratulate, because patients with adenomyosis are difficult to get pregnant, and many people come to see a doctor because they have been preparing for many years, but they have no children.

There was a patient who had no children for five years. The hospitals in Tianjin and Beijing had not found any problems. Therefore, it was lucky to have a child successfully.

At the same time, don’t worry too much about the child with IQ due to adenomy disease, and don’t worry about the child’s deformity.Because adenia does not affect these.

Of course, the risk of early pregnancy is relatively high. Pregnant women should do a good job of routine examinations, such as giving blood, ultrasound, and fetal heart monitoring. As long as there is no problem, you can continue pregnancy.

Moreover, it is recommended to have a longer breastfeeding time postpartum, which will help to completely shrink the endometrium molecules in the uterine muscle layer and help the treatment of adenomy disease.

Usually pay attention to rest, eat a light diet, and increase nutrition. If you feel discomfort at home, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Another situation should be noted that some patients have giving birth to children and they will find that the symptoms of pain are relieved, and then they feel that there is no need to check or continue treatment?

This is a big misunderstanding. After giving birth, it does not hurt because during the pregnancy, the endometrium molecule in the uterine muscle layer shrinks, and the symptoms of abdominal pain are relieved.

However, this does not mean that uterine adenomyosis is fine. It is still possible to recur. Therefore, even if the condition improves, it cannot be considered. It is necessary to do regular examination to prevent repeated diseases and even worsen.

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