I asked the doctor to kill the fetus in the abdomen in 4 months, so when the doctor asked the reason, I was surprised.

Zhu Zunfang from Shangqiu, Henan was four months pregnant, but her brother suddenly suffered from acute leukemia. He urgently needed blood to donate bone marrow rescue.In order to donate the bone marrow to the younger brother, he kneeling to kill the child at the expense, and the scene collapsed and cried. After learning that his wife was going to give birth, the husband rushed to the hospital to stop his wife and pull it out.

It hurts to miss the abortion time in April pregnancy.

For four months of pregnancy, you can only choose an induction surgery if you want to get a fetus.At this time, the fetus developed large, the operation was difficult, and the physical damage to pregnant women was also very great.Therefore, for women who are pregnant, once the child is decided to go out of the child, the best time to choose the flow of people.So as not to cause greater damage to the body.

Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital Gynecology experts said: Generally, the output of labor needs to be performed after more than 14 weeks of pregnancy.The greater the pregnancy month, the more harm to the induction of labor.Because the cervical mouth must be fully expanded, and at the same time, the placenta and fetal bones have been formed, so the induction of labor will have a lot of harm to women.For example, it is easy to occur in complications, such as postpartum bleeding, labor damage, amniotic fluid embolism, and secondary infection; extremely individual pregnant women can be allergic to drug -induced drugs, cause poisoning, and even severe consequences such as shock.Therefore, experts recommend that female friends do not choose to induce labor without special circumstances. If it is really a last resort, they must go to a regular hospital for surgery. Under the guidance of experienced doctors, the dangers that may bring induction of labor to the minimum minimizeEssence

Do not miss the best time for abortion for abortion surgery

Once a woman who is pregnant is decided to flow off their children, they must perform abortion surgery at the best time for people.

The gynecological expert of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital introduced: The best time to be abortion is between 35 and 55 days of pregnancy.Because the embryo is not formed at this time, the uterus is not large, the uterine wall muscles are relatively thick, and the embryo is easy to absorb out. Therefore, the time is short, less bleeding, and recovery after the abortion, so the surgery process is relatively safe.

Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital Gynecology is a professional painless hospital. It integrates "health care, surgery, rehabilitation" as an integrated family planning surgery designated hospital to introduce advanced painless technology for tens of thousands of female friends.The embarrassment, the person who did not have any pain or mental tension; the cervix of the recipient in the state of being relaxed is very conducive to the operation of the doctor to avoid unnecessary damage. The entire painless surgery process is completely safe and reliable.

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