I asked 10 Bao moms, what did it feel for the first room after giving birth …

Last week, I heard the treasures discuss privately,

Finally unloaded, how can I feel,

Recently, the same room is as painful as the sentence?

Nani?Xiaobian is not married and has children, don’t scare me ~

I did n’t know why I asked the mother of 10 around 10 … I was shy about what they said.


I was abstinence for a few months during pregnancy, and I did n’t hold back when I did n’t hold it in after 31 days after giving birth. It was really painful than I broke.It is said that some people will have) -@略 号


One is like a wolf like a tiger, and the other is tired and does not love. In order to prevent him from being derailed, he must pretend to be hungry and thirsty for the first time after giving birth to a soft grinding hard bubble for a long time to feel a little.Essence——@没有 —— —— —— ——


It was even more nervous than the broken place. The vagina was severely wounded when she had a daughter. It was not the first time to recover for 3 months. It was very loose below. Later, they did not feel it., The second time should be the day of my daughter’s birthday (I suspect that we are still not husband and wife …) -@, ° Reminis


I am a clever Baoma. I exercise 1 month after delivery to help recover the bottom muscle of the basin. The first time I first started, it was a bit dry and painful, but it was temporary.But there is no way.—@—— —— BB


The serious drying is me. During this period, different postures will still hurt. I will never forget the expression that we hurt and continue. The vagina bleed the next day…. =. =)

——@sily ° Little sunny day


I never realized that the climax was the first time after giving birth. I was afraid that I would wear a TT husband for half an hour when I was pregnant.Cause -@sunshine °


I don’t know how long your postpartum sex pain has maintained a loose and wide private parts. I still have drought now. I have used lubricants and can only be maintained for a while. There is a foreign body sensation.Governance without*-*)-@治 治


"Dry" is a trivial matter. The embarrassing thing is to do "nake" (yin blowing) without shyness. I used to be a teddy essence.Don’t be afraid of being disliked, it is best to go to the hospital for a vaginal relaxation test -@别

There are two other editors who don’t want to typeset, anyway, it means: [After giving birth, it will become loose, dry, and painful!.

For your sexual blessings,

Xiaobian’s decorative look helped you ask you to ask Director Yan Lihua of the Private Plastic Surgery Center of Zhengzhou New Century Women’s Hospital. After all, this "pain" is broken

Director Yan, why does postpartum sex life hurt?(Is it a little sister?

Director Yan Lihua, a private doctor at the Zhengzhou New Century Women’s Hospital, introduced that 90%of women will experience pelvic floor muscle dysfunction after giving birth, manifested as symptoms such as vaginal relaxation, sexual intercourse pain, low sexual desire, incontinence, yin blowing, lower abdomen swelling and other symptomsIt brings multiple hazards to sexual life and health.

Like any muscle tissue, if the pelvic floor muscles do not often exercise, it will weaken and lose elasticity.Especially when women have giving birth or increased with age, the bottom muscle will relax.This will directly affect the quality of sexual life and may make both husband and wife experience the previous pleasure in the process of sex, so women should pay attention to the recovery of the bottom muscle.Regardless of the use of exercise or recovery of surgery, as soon as possible, as human age increases, elastic fibers weaken, and women cannot be easily repaired after fertility expand the vagina.

In addition, before the vaginal tightening, the subject usually performs gynecological examinations to determine that there are no other gynecological diseases.Health, etc. This is to be noticed before vaginal tightening.

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