I am pregnant, the object is a gambler, and if you lose money, you will do it with me. Should I ask this child

On a clear summer afternoon, the sun sprinkled through the window on the streets of the town.The young I was sitting on the sofa at home, full of contradictions and anxiety in my heart.I am pregnant, but the child’s father is a gambler, and the family situation is not good.Whenever the gambling debt cannot be repaid, my boyfriend will lose his temper or even.Faced with such a situation, I was deeply thinking.

I am full of expectations and hope for my child’s arrival.I am a girl full of love and kindness, and I know that I will be a good mother.I think about the future of my child and the innocent smile of the child that day, which makes the firmness in my heart more firm.

However, I can’t ignore the cruelty of reality.My boyfriend’s gambling problem has always bothered me.Whenever he lost a lot of money, he lost his temper and even started.I am afraid that such an environment will bring a sense of insecurity and harm to children.I am afraid that my child will grow in a violent and unstable family.This made me hesitate and began to worry about whether to give birth to this child.

I decided to find someone to talk well, hoping to get some useful suggestions.I came to the home of an elder in the town, and the elders had provided me with many help in the past.I told the elderly about my pregnancy and my own confusion.The elderly listened to my talk quietly, and then sighed deeply.

The elder said to me, "Children are a gift given you from heaven, and life is precious. However, you can’t ignore the reality and the safety of your child. If you think you have the ability to raise your child alone, then please do not hesitate to hesitateTake him to this world. But if you think you can’t give your child a stable and safe growth environment, then you may need to consider other choices. "

After listening to the elders, there was a bright enlightenment in my heart.I understand that as a mother, I should take responsibility for the child and give him the best growth environment.Although the family situation is not good, although my boyfriend is a gambler, I am determined to bring the child to the future.

From that moment, I started working hard.I looked for work, tried to save money, and prepared for the future of children.I went to consult a lawyer to understand my rights and protect my child.I also pay attention to observing the changes in my boyfriend, hoping that he can recognize the pain that gambling brings to them.

Time passed day by day, my belly was getting bigger and bigger. I looked at myself in the mirror, full of joy of mother love.I believe that I have made the right choice. I believe that the future will be better. I believe that I and my children will overcome difficulties together and move towards a happy future.

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