I am pregnant once in the same room. This kind of woman is easy to get pregnant. Generally

Recently, a paragraph has been popular on the Internet, such as the business of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital after the new crown pneumonia.The main reason is that during the epidemic, many young people will be located at home, and there is nothing to do, so many women are pregnant.

Although this may be a context that everyone speculates, it is true that many women are very easy to get pregnant, and they are pregnant a little without paying attention. Such people are envious of those who are not easy to get pregnant.

Xiaocheng only got married a year ago. The reason for marriage was because he was pregnant with a baby, and Baby Huai did not contraception because of an accident.

After finally giving birth to the baby, his body had just recovered, because he was still breast milk, and the young couple thought that he would not be pregnant. As a result, Xiao Chen always vomited recently because he did not take contraception.

I went to the hospital to check, but found that Xiaocheng had been pregnant for a month and a half, which made Xiao Liang cry and laughed. I don’t know what to do. The doctor said that Xiao Chen was very easy to get pregnant.

Because the first child is a delivery, and the second person is also preparing to give birth to the second one, so he bite his teeth and decided to give birth to the second baby.

Indeed, many people are the same as Xiao Cheng. As long as they don’t pay attention, they will get pregnant unexpectedly. Such a pregnancy -prone physique makes many people very painful.In fact, there are some characteristics of easy pregnancy physique. Everyone can compare to prevent accidents.

(1) Uniform posture

Although we often say that the buttocks are very good, such things are not absolute.We know that some very obese people will have polycystic ovary. This condition is not easy to get pregnant, and even if you get pregnant for a lifetime, unless you lose weight and make your body reach a certain degree of health.

Many thin people are insufficient because of their own nutrition and thin body. Automatic body adjustment will make themselves into a physique that is not easy to get pregnant.

Generally, people who are prone to pregnancy are uniform, their bodies are very healthy, and such people are not fat or thin. The medical examination hospital is a medium -sized population.

(2) Menstruation law

Many women now have unhealthy food and many hormones.At the same time, some women’s habitual staying up late leads to a very irregular menstruation and too much menstrual flow. These are abnormal performance.

Some women’s menstrual periods are very regular. They are 26 ~ 32 days each time, and each menstrual period is about 5 days. There is no period of menstrual period or too little.

So these menstrual periods are the easiest to get pregnant.

(3) The hands and feet are warm

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered to be cold in hand and feet, especially women belong to the poor kidney function, plus the cold disease of the uterus.Gong Han’s people are not easy to get pregnant.

And some women have warm hands and feet for a long time. This kind of popularity is sufficient, and the uterus is more suitable for the growth of the baby, so it is very easy to get pregnant.

(4) Emotional stability

If human emotions are relatively stable, the body will generally be better, and such people are also very easy to get pregnant.

So in summary, pregnant people are generally not fat or thin, and then this type of women with very regular menstrual cycle. They rarely have cold hands and feet, and then emotional is easy to excite this kind of situation.

(1) Do not adopt body ejaculation contraceptive method

Eye radiation spermistosis is a very stupid way, because sperm can survive for a week in women’s body.

In the same room, the prostate of men will contain sperm. After all, the number of sperm for men is very large, and they will reach the women’s uterus.

(2) Counting the early safety contraceptive method

Many people will contraception by calculating the safety period, but after all, there are still certain deviations in the menstrual cycle, and the ovulation period will not be so accurate.

Women are very hurting if they are not prepared for children.So we should learn to take the initiative to contraception and reduce the harm of people to us.

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