I am pregnant, frequent urination and urine and pain. Do you want to try the Australian cranberry capsule?

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In recent years, Australian health products have been popular in China, and cranberry capsules are one of them.The Internet promotes the Australian cranberry health products:

The cranberry capsule improves the health of female urinary systems, and has a significant effect on vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and uterine fibroids, and can also maintain the ovarian nest.Gynecological inflammation, do not eat antibiotics in urinary tract infection. A cranberry capsule a day, pure natural and non -side effects, no dependence.

For parents who often read popular science, there are still some "immunity" to such advertising.However, if urinary tract infection or gynecological inflammation occurs during pregnancy, everyone may be more tangled. For example, is it better to use cranberry capsules. After all, it is not antibiotics, pure natural, do you want to buy it?Therefore, this article is about to talk about urinary tract infection and cranberry health products during pregnancy.

Clinical statistics show that at least 60%of women have experienced symptoms of urinary tract infections such as frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain in frequent urination during a certain period.During the pregnancy, because the increased uterus compressed the bladder, the urine could not be completely lined up. At the same time, the hormones in the body changed, and women were more prone to urinary tract infections.From 6 weeks of pregnancy to 24 weeks is a high risk period for urinary tract infection, of which the risk of 22-24 weeks is the highest.

As long as timely treatment of urinary tract infection during pregnancy, it usually does not hurt or affect the fetus.However, if the urinary tract infection is not treated properly during pregnancy, once it progress is pyelonephritis, the risk of premature or low weight can be increased.

In Australia, in the first checkup, urine infections will be used to test urine.About 2-10%of pregnant mothers only have bacterial urine, but they do not have a typical symptoms of urinary tract infection, so they cannot be detected.If the asymptomatic bacterial urine is not treated in time, up to 30%of cases will develop into acute cystitis and pyelonephritis.

In addition to routinely checking urine during the first birth checkup, if the pregnant mother has a history of recurred urinary tract infection and urinary tract structure before pregnancy, the urine is required to be reviewed regularly throughout pregnancy to closely check the urinary tract infection.

The diagnosis of urinary tract during pregnancy requires sensitive antibiotic treatment. The course of treatment is 3-7 days, which can usually achieve good treatment effects.The use of antibiotics during pregnancy, parents are inevitable whether they will affect the fetus.In fact, there are a variety of antibiotics that can be used safely during pregnancy and lactation. If necessary, the antibiotics should be used to be used in a reasonable treatment.

Cranberry health products claim that it is effective in the inflammation of the urinary system, and even has the effect on gynecological diseases, and it is still pure natural without side effects, which is inevitable.Do you want to try cranberry health products during the problem of urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Corruption Berry (mainly in the form of cranberry juice) does have a long history in the West. It is considered to have the effect of preventing and treating urinary tract infections, and there are many related research.

In the past, theoretically, the cranberry contains Quini acid. After metabolic secretion, it can improve the uric acid content (antibacterial effect) in urine, thereby achieving the effect of resisting or preventing urinary tract infections.These theories are based on medical research in the 1970s, but other theoretical research at the same period also denied this theory.Therefore, although cranberry has always been considered to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections, it has not been confirmed in medicine or scientifically.

By the 1980s, new theoretical research found that cranberries can prevent bacteria (mainly E. coli) migrating epithelial cells that are adapted to the bladder, which may prevent urinary tract infection.This is indeed a very exciting discovery.

After 2000, research further discovery that the A -class original flower (PAC) in cranberry is an active ingredient to prevent the adsorption of E.nesses.

These discoveries in theoretical research naturally allow people to reason cranberry can help prevent urinary tract infection.Therefore, in order to better guide clinical practice, in 2012, the cranberry has the role of cranberry to prevent and treat urinary tract infection.The highest quality evidence).

After comprehensive analysis of the clinical results of 4,473 participating researchers through the comprehensive analysis of 24 clinical random control trials, the result was unfortunately found that cranberry or cranberry products were not found to prevent urinary tract infection.At the same time, it is found that there is no reliable clinical basis that it has proven to have a therapeutic effect on urinary tract infection.

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Since it is found that Class A in the Class A in the cranberry has the effect of preventing the adhesion of E. coli, why is there no practical clinical significance for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections?The reasons for consideration are:

1. The dose of the effective ingredients in Class A in Class A in the cranberry and its products cannot reach the amount that can achieve clinical significance.Bronzeberry and its products are nutritional health products. Nutritional health products are different from drugs. Australia and other Western countries often do not have very strict component control requirements. Different manufacturers produce different concentrations or products with different effective ingredients.Standards.As for the use of health products, there is no uniform clinical standards. It is usually recommended by health care products manufacturers, not based on the clinical basis.

2. Class A original flower greenin in cranberries may have been destroyed during product processing (such as making capsules, tablets, powder, etc.), resulting in the final finished product.Essence

As for the treatment of cranberry health products and preventing gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, it should be an underlying commercial packaging and propaganda.

Most people drink cranberry juice or take cranberry health products, which will not lead to serious side effects, but for some special groups, they still need to be vigilant: pregnant women and lactating mothers drink appropriate amount of cranberry juice or eat Cronelet BerryYes, it is not recommended to take cranberry health products, because the safety of cranberry health products during pregnancy and lactation has not been confirmed.Once the urinary tract infection is diagnosed and treated in time, sensitive antibiotic treatment is the correct approach.It is not said in the advertisement. The use of cranberries is much more "good" than using antibiotics, after all, it is "pure natural essence".In addition, whether it is pregnancy or lactation, antibiotics can be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice if necessary.Aspirin’s allergies avoid a large number of cranberries and its products, because aspirin and cranberry have similar ingredients.Corruporax contains more oxalic acid, which causes the risk of kidney stones.If you have been diagnosed with people with urinary system stones, use it with caution.Corruption berry juice usually adds additional sugar, and people with diabetes need to pay attention.

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