I am pregnant during the epidemic, and the reproductive experts of the first hospital of the city taught you how to eat it is true nutrition

During the epidemic, you ca n’t gather or go out. What do you do at home?Some people chase dramas, some people travel between the living room and the kitchen, and some people create various foods, haha!There are some beautiful women who are silent!This can be seen in the situation of the reproductive medical department and obstetric clinic of the First People’s Hospital of Jining City. Some sisters are even preparing to do artificial insemination, and the natural trial pregnancy has also reached the wish of pregnancy.

So during the epidemic, if you are pregnant, how can you eat more nutritious?

First, protein.Protein is an important part of the human body’s enzymes, hormones, antibodies, and carriers. It is an indispensable nutrient that participates in regulating the acid -base balance and immune response in the body. It is very important to supplement high -quality protein daily.It is particularly important during the new crown epidemic.Why, because of the antibody against the virus? All proteins are protein.

Generally, the daily protein supply of adults should account for 10 % to 15 % of the total heat, about 0.8 to 1.2 grams per kilogram of weight per day.In order to improve the utilization rate of protein, several foods can be mixed with a certain proportion to improve their nutritional value through protein complementarity.

① Make sure one egg, 1-2 bags (250-500ml) fresh milk or yogurt daily.

② Eat fish 2 to 3 times a week, and eat 3 to 4 two times each time, it is best to be deep -sea fish.

③ Choose low -fat meat (peeling chicken, duck meat, lean pork, beef and mutton), 100-150 grams per day.

④ Daily intake of an appropriate amount of soy products, about 50 to 100 grams.

Second, sugar.It is the main source of heat supply, from rice, noodles and other grains.

Third, fat.It can provide heat -regulating physiological functions, which mainly comes from animal fat and vegetable oil.

Fourth, vitamins and various trace elements.When you cannot obtain a diverse diet to reach a balanced diet, it is recommended to take a suitable daily composite nutrient supplement with folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B6, iron, zinc, selenium, and DHA.

Calcium is the main substance of bone growth and development, mainly derived from milk, beans, fresh vegetables, kelp, shrimp and seaweed.

Iron is the main raw material of hematopoietic, mainly derived from pig liver, pig blood, lean meat, egg yolk, beans, sesame sauce, red dates and kelp.

Vitamin and trace elements are important substances to participate in body metabolism.Pregnant women should pay attention to diverse diet, and they should eat "miscellaneous".You may wish to eat coarse grains such as corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. Some nutrients of coarse grains are unable to reach the fish. Pregnant women can also be sipped with melon seeds, and various melon seeds are very beneficial to the fetal brain development of the fetus.

When dealing with new coronary pneumonia, we must rely on "nutritional balance, moderate exercise, and comfortable mood" to steadily spend the pregnancy.Of course, if you have abnormal conditions such as pregnancy drama, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and obvious abdominal pain, you still need to go to our reproductive medical department.Especially in the past, there was a history of natural abortion, or after full pregnancy, not pregnant, all the staff of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the First People’s Hospital of Jining City are waiting for your driving!

(The author of this article is Wei Lina, deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Medicine Division of the First People’s Hospital of Jining)

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