I accidentally swallowed this toy for three months, and the 1 -year -old boy’s abdominal bloating is like a drum

"Doctor, the baby’s belly has been swollen for more than three months, and I did not find the reason for several hospitals. We were all died …"

Recently, a pair of parents from Liangshan, Chongqing Medical University, was anxious.What she hugged in her mother’s arms was a one -and -half -year -old baby with a high abdomen and a thin and dehydrated one -year -old, named Yang Yang (pseudonym).

What exactly makes children bloating?

After admission, Liu Guobin, the attending physician of the Children’s Hospital of Children’s Hospital, immediately checked the Yangyang. It was found that the child not only had extremely expansion in the abdomen, but also accompanied by low urine with fever, severe electrolyte disorders, and the condition was very dangerous.

Yang Yang’s mother said that before they had been around many hospitals, they checked countless, and even CT could not find the reason. Seeing that the child was getting worse and worse, I heard that friends suggested that they came to Child Children’s Hospital.

The child’s condition is not simple.Kang Quan, director of the trauma surgery, immediately organized the department to discuss, combined with medical history, physical examination and auxiliary examination, considering the possibility of digestive tract malformations, suspected that there was a possibility of gastrointestinal tract, and decided to treat it through surgery.

During the operation, the doctor found that a spherical object blocked the small intestine and caused a complete obstruction, allowing the child to have a small intestine with a diameter of only about 2.5cm, which was supported by the ball to about 6cm.

"This is the reason why the child’s stomach bloated." Dr. Liu Guobin took out the ball -shaped object and found that this turned out to be a kind of toy that children often like to play -water babies may be mistaken by their young ocean when they play.Eat.

Baby Water is also called "Water Elf" and "SpongeBob".After soaking, the little bead can quickly become big beads after absorbing water, and even a small "bead" can be given.Once "Baby Water" is eaten by mistake, it will absorb water and inflation in the gastrointestinal tract, which can easily cause mechanical intestinal obstruction, cause children to vomit and abdomen, and cause dehydration, electrolyte disorders, metabolic alkali poisoning, etc.Essence

Today, the postoperative surgery has recovered well, eating normally, and the review of various indicators is normal.What is worrying is that on the same day of Yangye surgery, the general trauma surgery of the children’s hospital affiliated children’s hospital also performed another caesarean operation.The beads, and these magnetic beads directly lead to many intestinal perforations.

Dr. Liu Guobin introduced that in 2021, the Children’s Children’s Hospital received more than 70 hospitalized patients with foreign objects of gastrointestinal foreign body. "Many of them are because the parental supervision is not in place, or the alert is not high.He reminded that the Spring Festival is approaching, which is a period of high incidence of children to eat foreign bodies. Parents must take care of young children to avoid similar dangerous situations.

In addition to the toys mentioned above, parents should collect small metal objects such as buttons, coins, and needles such as buttons, so as not to eat them by mistake.If the child has unknown vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and stop defecation, you need to be alert to the possibility of gastrointestinal foreign bodies, and take your child to a professional medical institution as soon as possible.

Voice of Chongqing reporter Xiang Xiaoxiao

Source: Voice of Chongqing

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