I, 7 months pregnant, because of a trivial matter, I was kicked by my husband

July pregnant

My husband’s temper is not good.I looked at him because of his good conditions -there were three sets of houses in the city. His parents promised to send a house for a wedding room. He worked well -working in a state -owned enterprise.It can guarantee me.

I came out of the countryside. After graduating from college, I stayed in the city to work hard. I have a younger brother to study in junior high school. My parents are farming in rural areas and have a low income. I hope that I will give money for my brother to go to school every month.

In those years, a word of popularity, marrying a good husband, and saving for ten years of hard work, I have a deep understanding and take a shortcut. Therefore, I was confused and married a irritable husband.

No, Sunday morning, I told him to accompany him in July. He said that he was going to fish. I was coquettish and spoiled.

He said: Fishing has been appointment with friends.

I said: I am a pregnant woman. Usually you can’t accompany me at work, accompany me on the rest day, go outside and bend, it is good for the fetus.

He said: You can go out and walk alone. Do you have to accompany me? Is it too aggressive?

I said: Then you take me to fishing together and go to the countryside to breathe fresh air.

As I said, while hugging him, he shouted to me: I am fishing for my gangs, what are you going?Don’t go.

I was still going, so I hugged him and didn’t let him go out. He opened my hand and pushed it back. I swayed and took a few steps, sitting on the ground with one butt.

I got up and saw that he was changing his shoes. He wanted to follow, but he suddenly got up, kicked me with one foot, just kicking on my stomach.

"Oh", I lost my consciousness …

Knight wife

After waking up, I found that I was sleeping on the hospital bed and touched my stomach. It was flat. What happened to my child?I burst into tears like a spring, like a thousand arrows through my heart.

"My child, what about my child?" I cried.

At this time, he pushed in the door with his parents, and saw that I was awake. She was crying. My mother -in -law held me and said, "Don’t cry, the child is good, just a premature birth, it is a son."

I pointed at my husband and said: I want to divorce you. Before my son is born, you dare to hit him. I can’t abuse him in the future?

Unexpectedly, the father -in -law standing beside her husband, she slapped her husband’s two slaps sideways, and her mother -in -law went up and punch him, playing while calling him to change his stinky temper.

At this time, her husband was stunned and lowered his head, and he kept saying that I was wrong, and kept saying: I was wrong. Please ask my wife to lift your hands.And guarantee that you will not hit me in the future, saying which hand is chopped and which hand, and never speak.

After returning home, he seemed to change a person and stopped moving. He would say hello to me and consult my opinion.He respected me and no longer shouted to me.Be a good husband for others.

Once he was drunk and told me guilty that he would not forgive himself if his son had something to do with me that day.

Now, my son is in his twenties, and he has never hit me and my son again.

Some people say that a person’s spleen is rooted, and once it is developed, it is difficult to change, but my husband has changed his irritable temper.

Because he knows that losing his temper is instinct, and controlling his temper is the identical.Without the ability to control his temper, in his life, he would be lonely and old.

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