Hush!Don’t talk, you need sexual life during your pregnancy!

Since the pregnancy, have husbands have staged a domineering president in the life of the husband and wife? Have you ever performed the bridge that Royal Sister fluttered with fresh meat?

According to the survey, most of the things that husbands and wives often do during the pregnancy are not "manual" but the bedside of the bed, not "you and me" but listening to fetal movements … each other is like a season of love.EssenceBut is this really good? It is also right to bless life during pregnancy. It is correct to have concerns, but it is not necessary to be too deliberate!

1. There are concerns during pregnancy, but don’t close the door for sex

In the eyes of many people, I have more recuperation when I am pregnant. They are afraid of encountering and afraid of falling.But I often hear a pregnant friend that I really think about it during that time, and even feel stronger than before.

Therefore, this is the real thought of pregnant moms! Of course, there is a reason for this: it is also a reason:

① First of all, during pregnancy, the level of hormones in women’s body changes, making pregnant mumans lubricate, stronger and shiny hair, making them better in the past, so that they have more confidence and passion to enjoy sex;

② Secondly, especially during pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy, natural power increases their vaginal secretion, plump chest, accelerated genital congestion, and increased vulvar sensitivity, so sexual desire often increases;

③ Once again, pregnant moms are more likely to have some wonderful dreams during sleep and exert richer imagination. At this time, sexual life will feel beautiful, and it is very easy to reach orgasm.

On the other hand, considering the physical needs of prospective dads, the arrival of the baby occurs mostly in the wedding or sudden unexpected pregnancy.He completely stopped sexual life.

Therefore, pregnant moms do not need to avoid or reduce sexual life during the pregnancy stage, but should be more actively enjoying joy.You know, during pregnancy, as long as you arrange a reasonable life, it is not a big deal for the health of pregnant mummy and fetal baby.

2. It is also passionate after pregnancy, and AA during pregnancy is more reliable

However, after pregnancy, after pregnancy, due to the major changes in physiological and psychological, sexual desire may change. Most of the pregnant mummy’s sexual desire will decline. At this time, the husband requires the same room and should respect his wife.You must not be reluctant to do it.

· Foreign show is more important

AA’s ex -wife can whisper, cooperate with hugging and stroking, the lingering foreplay is conducive to each other more input; and if the life of the couple during pregnancy is worried that excessive investment will stimulate the fetus, the pregnant mommy can only enjoy the foreplay of the foreplay.Fun, orgasm is not the ultimate goal. The process of your relationship between your husband and wife is the most important.

· Require more emotional investment

The life of the couple during pregnancy is more of the aftertaste and feeling. In daily life, the couple must strengthen communication. They can take a walk together after dinner and do more soul communication.Give her a surprise. The feeling of taking care of the pregnant mummy during the AA process is more important to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, which is more important than AA itself.

· Find the most comfortable posture

After pregnancy, the changes in various physical and physiological changes often make pregnant moms uncomfortable, and of course, in AA, they cannot be as much as before pregnancy.With the bulge of the abdomen, you may find that you and your husband’s usual posture are not very comfortable, so this is a good opportunity to try a new posture.However, no matter in any posture, it is necessary for pregnant moms to think more about their feelings. You can ask your husband to use the pose you think the most comfortable in the same room.

[Editor’s words]

Sexual blessing during pregnancy is not only the satisfaction of physical body, but also includes many scope such as sex caressment.Sometimes, a gentle hug and a sweet kiss can make you happy.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the things on AA also need to be considerate and considerate of each other, and more intimate contacts every day to spend a special period in this life.

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