Husband’s new wedding night mentioned "AA system" life, wife: Yes, pregnancy cannot be A, and sleep in the future


Do you love someone in detail? Maybe we often say that material may not be used to measure the sincerity of love, but a person who loves you will definitely do everything that can do what you can.Live the taste of clothing and food worry -free life.


It can be seen that in the marriage, the couple quarreled because of the trivial matter of the garlic, and even because of the money problem that had a long argument. Will such a marriage really feel true?In the disappearance of each other, the feelings of the other half have gradually disappeared, and they have doubts about marriage. How can there be sincere feelings in such a contradictory state?


When I felt that I was not valued by the other party, it was naturally full of heart. At first, I was blinded and fell in love with this hypocritical man in front of me. How can I spend every day in the future?


01. A failure of the relationship


From childhood to small, Yan Ran knew that he had to find a man who was right with himself in the future. Such a marriage would be harmonious and stable. After all, he was also a child who grew up in love.expect.


However, it was just growing up in love, lacking vigilance about everything, and making himself fall into the love river soon.At that time, Yan Ran rushed to fall in love, and did not have more time to learn, but he did not get the same return. His love hurts himself and hurts himself too deeply in this relationship.


When I found that my boyfriend chatted ambiguously with other women in his mobile phone, and even when he met himself, Yan Ran felt that his heart was about to break. For so long, he paid so much in his relationship.After graduation, see the parents of both parties to discuss marriage, and now it seems that everything has been turned.


So far, Yan Ran still remembers her embarrassment. She also had fantasies that she could make her boyfriend turn around, but the indifference of the other party made her think that she was a stranger in front of her. So what is such a long time?Are you all your own wish?


Since then, Yan Ran has changed the view of choosing a spouse. Those who are spent to avoid them away, for fear of being harmed again, so in such a search and finding, they have not met that good person.The age of parents’ marriage.


Yan Ran was really uncomfortable, and she realized that there was no result at all of her needles such as the sea, and she accepted the blind date arranged by her parents.Yan Ran can feel that although the man in front of him is Mu, he is not the kind of flower -hearted person, and he must be suitable for life in the future.


Although with himself, men are even unwilling to go to high -end restaurants, making Yan Ran feel that there are some of the other person, but they are still stronger than those men who spend money.Men started boring love.


Yan Ran is not young now, and it is not as romantic as before. The life in front of me needs to be down -to -earth. Although some places do in some places do not fit what they think in their hearts, they can still accept them.Start considering marriage.


02. Men who knows blindfolds


At first, Yan Ran was a little hesitant. She didn’t have much love for this man, and she was more suitable. She couldn’t fight against fate. Isn’t many marriages have feelings in slowly?The two people also said that they had a good job of marriage, but the issue of Cai Li made Yan Ran very worried.


As the only daughter in the family, Yan Ran’s parents want to let their relatives give 100,000 gifts to show their attention, but their pro -family refuses, saying that she will not spend so much money because she marry her daughter -in -law.cold.


Even if the two of them made concessions later, this matter has always been in a hurry in Yanran’s heart. At the beginning, the husband’s silent seemed to do not intend to say a few words for himself. Perhaps he had no status in his eyes.Hope this is an illusion.


But the newly married night husband gave herself the horse, and Yanran began to doubt her choice of marriage again.After experiencing a tiring wedding ceremony, Yan Ran was lying on the bed a little weak, but her husband seemed to pull herself to speak with interest.


"You see, we already have our home, and we have to face more things in the future. Now our family is still my income higher. You have unstable work. I will often travel on business in the future.It’s not very assured to give me a person. Otherwise, let’s do this in the future, everyone will spend people who are practical. "


03. Unlimited requirements


The husband’s new wedding night mentioned the "AA system" life. As soon as this remark, Yan Ran was stupid. When he was in love, he was so careless, and even high -end restaurants were unwilling to take himself, let alone any decent giftIt’s right.These Yanran ended up one by one, and thought that after marriage, he could be treated carefully. He did not expect that he became more and more intensified, and even said that he had to say the AA system.


She pressed her anger, "What does the AA system mean? We are all married. We spend every day that husbands and wives have property. Why do we know so clearly? Do you not think so?"


The husband did not hear Yan Ran’s emotional changes at all, but said proudly, "You don’t have to worry about it. If you feel that it is difficult to distinguish the dosage of eating and wear, we will be half a person.We can discuss it on the spot. "


Yan Ran couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart, and he was so angry that he was so angry. He even complained about his own hair. How could he meet such a person and reduce his expectations a little bit.In harmony, in the end, the husband trampled on his dignity.


She simply no longer endured, and said sharply, "AA system is okay. Since you care so much, then we will be AA in the future, but there is no way to get pregnant.I am also acting on the side, what do you say? "


"Now that we have not found any solutions, don’t get pregnant, you can’t get pregnant, and sleep in a room in the future." After that, he threw all the pillows and quilts of the husband to the living room. Let him sleep with himself.On a bed.


Seeing that his wife was so angry, the husband realized that he said something wrong at this time, and he was busy with his wife. "Look at you, I just said it casually, why do you want to give birth to a big anger? Besides,How can there be no bed between husband and wife? Are you so angry about being born? "


Yan Ran looked at her husband very indifferently, and said such a word that made himself angry, and finally put his fault on himself, saying that he couldn’t make a joke at all.Yan Ran couldn’t laugh at all. He could feel these details for so long.


In order to be a stable marriage, he even chose a blind date and stepped into the palace of marriage with a person who was not very loving, thinking that he could slowly cultivate feelings with the other party in the future.Even in daily life, I felt that the other party was not attentive to himself, chose to be patient, and he was still looking forward to a good marriage.


However, the AA system after marriage completely defeated himself. The husband and wife were originally the same as the forest bird. Why should it be so detailed in the issue of money?Is such a marriage called true love?It is not so much a combination of men and women, but it is better to prevent each other. What is the point of doing this?


At this time, I suddenly realized that I realized that my paid blindly had become a matter of course for the other half. The other party would only hurt himself again and again.To your own powerful.



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