Husband has no fertility, but the wife is miraculously pregnant

Yan Yu and her husband had been married for many years, and they couldn’t be pregnant. Later, Yan Yu became miraculously pregnant, but her husband Dafeng said that the child was not his. When he heard the husband said, Yan Yu left home angrily!After the child was born, her husband Dafeng found her again, and told her that she had no fertility. After the smoke and rain knew it, she felt very incredible. What was going on?

Yanyu is my distant cousin. She is 35 years old. Her husband and her are the same age. Due to her husband’s work nature, her husband often travels, and drinks and entertains. As a result, the diet is not very regular.History has been married for 7 years, and smoke and rain have not been able to conceive their children. Both husband and wife are very anxious.

In the case, the husband of smoke never told anyone.

However, considering that smoke rain likes children very much, her husband is very guilty. He was laundry, meals and cooks, and packed the householders. As long as the husband is at home, he is doing it.Yanyu lived at home, and his clothes reached out to open his mouth to open his mouth. Friends around Yanyu were envious.Said Yanyu found a carefully considerate good husband.

As long as the wife’s husband is happy and comfortable, after all, this secret has not told Yanyu, and he always feels that he has deceived Yanyu.

However, for a while, I just wanted to sleep every day after eating and rain. I had no strength in my body, and I couldn’t help anything.Even smelling the smell of disgusting and vomiting.Coupled with the two months of the two months, the aunt did not come.

Yan Yu’s heart is happy, shouldn’t it be pregnant, so I went to the hospital for a check. After the results of the examination came out, the doctor told Yan Yu that she had been pregnant for more than a month.After listening to the doctor, he said that he was pregnant, and the rain flowed with excited tears. After so many years, the medicine he had taken was not in vain.This child is not easy to come, it is the baby given to himself from heaven.

With an extremely excited mood, Yanyu quickly called his husband Dafeng and gave the husband’s good news from her husband.However, when her husband Dafeng heard this, he did not have a trace of joy, but sighed, and said calmly that my current work pressure did not want this child.

Yan Yu heard her husband say this, and was extremely angry in his heart. He said to the husband on the phone, "You are so cruel. For so many years, we have always wanted children. Now I have been pregnant.Don’t want the biological child? "

As a result, the couple quarreled with two big fights. From then on, the couple had their own separation, and the husband and wife were in the same way.

The husband of smoke and rain drinks and smokes every day, and the whole person is decadent. Yanyu sees her husband now. After all, a husband and wife have a deep relationship after so many years, so I want to ask my husband, why do you not want this?child.But her husband Dafeng’s answer made her stunned.

He even said, "I don’t want to raise children for others, because children can’t be mine at all."

When she heard her husband say this, the smoke and rain moved to her own things directly. Since then, the husband has never called the smoke rain, and she has never seen her.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye to the day of the production of smoke and rain. With the help of her parents’ parents, Yan Yu gave birth to a big fat boy.Children are particularly low and cute.

At this time, her husband Dafeng heard that smoke and rain gave birth to a boy, so he went to find smoke rain. He apologized with his hands with smoke and rain: "My wife is sorry, in fact, there is one thing I hide from you. I found out before. I found out that I had no fertility., So when you told me that when I was pregnant, I was particularly angry.

I don’t think it is my child, so I don’t want you to have this child.Wife, let’s go home, I can’t without you, please forgive me?For a few months you are, I feel that even the courage to survive is gone, I am wrong."

After listening to her husband, Yan Yu couldn’t believe his ears. Yan Yu thought about it and said that after the child’s full moon, I would take the child and you to do a parent -child identification. If the child is not yours, I will immediately take the child to clean the body immediatelyGo home.

After the child’s full moon, the smoke rain and her husband Dafeng took the child to make a parent -child identification. The result was really biological. In the face of such a result, Dafeng was surprised and regretted.Essence

However, in the past few months when she was pregnant, her husband didn’t ask herself, and even suspected that he had abandoned herself.Don’t forgive your husband.

Therefore, the smoke and rain are in trouble now, so she is hesitant to forgive this matter. She told me this matter and wanted to hear my opinion.

I thought about it, and persuaded him, you should forgive him. After all, this is a misunderstanding. Your husband thinks that you can’t have birth, and you have made such a thing.You are the child’s mother, he is the child’s father, isn’t it good to give the child a complete home?

Do you say that the rain should forgive your husband?


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