Hunan 52 -year -old farmers have not divorced eight times. Her husband does not let sleep all night, just not let you be better

Zhang Yingling, a 52 -year -old rural woman Zhang Yingling, worked in the field with a straw hat. It was not that she didn’t want to rest, but she could only avoid her husband Hu Lijun because she worked in the field because her husband talked:

I have to grind you to death, I won’t let you go out, and I won’t let you live a good day

In order to be able to leave her husband, Zhang Yingling once filed a divorce eight times, but her husband did not agree. Later, there was no way. She even chose an extreme way, but was rescued.

What happened between this couple?Why does Zhang Yingling have to leave her husband who has been married for thirty years?

Take out a small bag from the home. There are a few clothes in the bag. Touching his pocket, only 100 yuan. Zhang Yingling said that he can take a car.

She can do nothing. As long as she can leave her husband, she can go out to work by herself. What is the reason to make her eager to escape?

Talking about her husband Hu Lijun, what Zhang Yingling said was surprising:

I really don’t want to live. I wanted to die last year.

Seeing the wife who was going to leave, Hu Lijun was very angry and felt very wronged. He said that he had a cause.

Hu Lijun said that his wife once degraded him in his maid’s house, saying that he had only such a little use. He had a short length compared to a man. As a man, he could not accept his wife.

However, if it is only because of a few resentment between husband and wife, it should not last for so many years, Hu Lijun seems to stop talking, as if there is nothing to say.

When his wife talked about his badness to outsiders again, Hu Lijun finally went out, and he said:

I worked outside, she was derailed, and others were talking and laughing. I could only avoid it. How much grievances I suffered.

For a man, such things are really difficult to accept, but Zhang Yingling, who looks honest and honest, really does such a thing?

Zhang Yingling’s neighbors’ neighbors, but the evaluation of her was very good. The neighbor said:

I think she should be pretty good. The two children graduated from college, just renovated in the family, there was no foreign debt, and there were some deposits. It was good in rural areas.

Zhang Yingling and Hu Lijun have two daughters, one is a key university graduate student, and the other is returnees. Both have good jobs.

Speaking of Zhang Yingling’s derailment, the neighbors were very cautious. She said:

This matter cannot be talked nonsense. To catch the thief to catch the dirt, this matter must be caught in bed.

But for rumors, the neighbors also explained that the man was either someone else or Zhang Yingling’s brother -in -law.

Because Hu Lijun worked outside for a long time, Zhang Yingling worked alone at home, and sometimes he needed to pick the burden of heavy work, and could only find someone to help.

Compared to outsiders, my brother -in -law may speak better, but this makes Hu Lijun doubtful. After a quarrel, the brother -in -law did not come over to help.

Then whether this is true or false, it seems that they can only ask their daughters.

Hu Qingqing is the eldest daughter of Zhang Yingling and Hu Lijun. She became an English teacher after graduation and now lives in the city.

Speaking of her mother, Hu Qingqing was tears in her eyes, and she sympathized with her mother’s situation. She said:

My mother told me that her worst plan now is that one person quietly leaves home, without bringing anything or contacting us, otherwise my dad will find us trouble, and she said that she cannot drag us.

Hu Qingqing said that since he was a child, his mother’s reputation in the local area is very good, and he is also very easy -going to people.

Speaking of her parents, she also heard that her mother was born in a wealthy family, received a good education, and her father was born in a single -parent family.

The mother once had a first love lover, but was forced to marry her father by her parents, so they often quarreled after marriage.

Recalling her previous life, Hu Qingqing now felt a headache. She said:

Our family did not have a good year. As soon as the New Year, my father used wine to say those words, and then hit my mother.

But Hu Qingqing did not think it was just a father’s fault, because in her feelings, his father seemed to sometimes the weak side.

Once he quarreled, he even cried with herself, which made her very incomprehensible.

Speaking of derailment, Hu Qingqing read high school at that time, and could not see the relationship between adults, but there was a move that made her a little disgusted.

On that day, the uncle rode a tricycle to pick them up home. At that time, the mother patted the ash on the uncle with her hands. Although it was a very common action, Hu Qingqing felt uncomfortable.Unusual.

During the summer vacation, Hu Qingqing was in class, and suddenly received a call from her mother. The phone was anxious to go home and said that her father was seriously ill.

Hu Qingqing didn’t know why his father had always been very good, and he suddenly became seriously ill. When she rushed home in a hurry, she found out that what the mother said was the psychological illness.

It turned out that his father knew his mother and uncle at that time. He seemed to have a serious illness, and the whole person’s energy was gone.

Although Hu Qingqing knew that if she asked her mother, she would definitely get a clear answer, but as a child, she was unwilling to be aggressive. In her heart, this incident passed.

However, someone couldn’t get through, that was Hu Lijun, and until now, Hu Qingqing understood that she had a deliberate forgetfulness about this matter. Although she hurt her father to protect her mother, she decided to help her father unlock the knot.

Seeing her daughter’s return, Hu Lijun’s face was rare and smiled. Listening to the daughter said that he asked the TV station to help, Hu Lijun showed his vigilance. He asked:

How much does this cost?

Although the reporter said no money, Hu Lijun still didn’t believe it, he laughed and said

What do you communicate with my daughter with eyes?

He still felt that he would spend money, so he couldn’t bear it, which also proved his suspicious character.

After confirming that he would not collect money, Hu Lijun poured the grievances in his heart, but Hu Qingqing on the side did not listen patiently. She heard that she had heard it from a young age and could memorize it.

But his father said it, but when he was young, he was bitter at home. How could his mother look down on him, and two daughters did not respect him now.

When she heard Hu Lijun’s words, Zhang Yingling was very dissatisfied. She seemed to have suffered a lot of grievances. She said that she had just given birth to her daughter for a few days and was still in confinement.

As soon as Zhang Yingling interrupted, the two were about to quarrel. At this time, Hu Lijun made an amazing move. He went to the kitchen to take out a sharp fruit knife, patted it on the stool, and said to Zhang Yingling:

If you don’t lie, you will chop one finger.

Facing Hu Lijun’s excitement, Zhang Yingling reached out to get a knife. Fortunately, she was blocked. The resentment between the couple had reached such a level.

In the quarrel, Zhang Yingling finally said the thoughts in her heart:

I don’t like him, I feel like a mountain in my heart, I am a human, not animals.

Although Zhang Yingling admits the fact that she does not love her husband, she also said firmly that she is worthy of her children and the family, so is she derailed?

In fact, for Hu Lijun, he had determined that his wife had been derailed, so he kept pressure on anger in his heart. However, when he wanted to talk to his daughter, his daughter could not understand. She only saw her father hit her mother after she was furious.

Hu Qingqing asked his father why his father hit a woman, but Hu Lijun said, "Why can’t you fight?"

Perhaps in his opinion, his wife betrayed himself and was sorry for himself, so he was reasonable to retaliate, so he could not let his wife sleep or let her be better.

In fact, Hu Lijun knew his wife’s intention, but because he invested a lot of energy and money, he could only marry his wife under the arrangement of his father -in -law.

It can be said that this marriage can only be achieved under the cooperation of Zhang Yingling’s parents.

Sure enough, two people were contradictory after marriage. Zhang Yingling even separated from her husband during pregnancy and quietly killed the child.

A month ago, Hu Lijun actually wanted to end his life, which made it difficult to imagine, because Zhang Yingling also had such extreme behaviors several times.

In the nearly thirty years of marriage, this couple did not have affection and tolerance, but constantly tortured and internal consumption. How did they have a child who grew up in this family?

In fact, Hu Lijun also sought redemption. He told his daughter about his grievances. However, as a child, Hu Qingqing could not understand and could not bear the pain of an adult.

So she can only choose to stand in the team with her own intuition, which has also led to Hu Lijun more depression.

In the end, Zhang Yingling acknowledged everything. She said that she did have a substantial relationship with that man, but she didn’t think she was wrong. She said:

That man has the temperament of a man, with mind, unlike him, I am a woman, I have no man’s care and care for a long time. What kind of life do you say?

After her husband knew this, Zhang Yingling had broken contact with the man. She said that although her husband said that it was put down, it was six or seven years later. He was still like this.

In the end, the two decided to find a psychologist to help. With the persuasion of the psychologist, Zhang Yingling also said that as long as the husband can really open the heart, she is willing to stay in this house.

Although she was forced by her parents’ life to marry her husband, and the two often quarreled, but the years of getting along and raising her daughter together, in fact, she still has feelings for Hu Lijun.

In the face of a psychologist, Hu Lijun was still reluctant to say everything. It seems that in his opinion, this is always a difficult thing to open up, and this is why he has been depressed for a long time in these years.

Under the follow -ups of the psychologist, Hu Lijun still said his inner thoughts. He said:

My brother -in -law and wife are the people I trust the most, but after that incident, there is no.

After talking about his thoughts, Hu Lijun seemed to be relieved. In these years, because of his thoughts on the past, he made him torture the people around him and tortured himself.

After talking about it now, the big rock in my heart finally landed, but it was rare and easy.

In the psychological counseling room, Hu Lijun hugged his wife. Perhaps these years, he kept constantly restraining his wife, or was afraid that she would leave himself. In fact, he still wanted the completeness of the family.

Sometimes, letting go of others is to let yourself go, and for a family, tolerance and understanding are the best lubricants.

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