Huang Yi was infected with the new crown and shared the symptoms of high fever throat pain.

On December 18, actor Huang Yi shared the painful experience of infection with the new crown. She bluntly said that it was the fifth day of the diagnosis, but her symptoms were still very serious.The nasal congestion is still very serious, and how can the netizen’s cement nose be alleviated for help, seeing her sharing deeply feel her pain.

Maybe many netizens do not understand what the "cement nose seal" is specific. It means that it cannot be exhaled normally, nor can it inhale normally. The nose is blocked like cement.I put on a picture of "cement nose". Although it was painful, her mentality was good and the sharing was real.

Many netizens also gave her a trick in the comment area. Some netizens who had the same feelings as her shared her experience with her. Some suggest that she uses a nasal vector and let her try to rub the tail vertebrae with her hands to quickly ventilate.It is also recommended that she use nose or wind and oil essence, and some netizens said that they can get into the quilt. Although I do n’t know if these “remedies” are useful, everyone is very kind to her.It also hurts.

Through Huang Yi’s description, she can determine that she is a serious situation. Not only is she high fever, my throat pain, my nose is not ventilated, and these symptoms have not disappeared for five days.Infected, while taking care of himself and taking care of his children, Huang Yi must also be very hard during this time.

In fact, there are a lot of entertainment in the entertainment industry like Huang Yi. Before Guan Ling shared his symptoms, he also revealed that his throat was painful. He even had a loss of sound. His face was red and had been sinned for several days. Fortunately, it has improved now.Essence

The host Zhou Qun shared the symptoms. At first, it was only a slight throat pain, and it was not high. After a day, her throat was so painful that she drank chili oil. She couldn’t swallow normally at all.

After the diagnosis of Xiao Shenyang was positive, even allergic symptoms appeared, red and swollen, it felt hot and painful, and it was necessary to stop itching.

After Yue Yunpeng was infected with the new crown, the whole person was also very embarrassed. Not only did he pain in the whole body, but he also frequently exhausted. It could form a fart in less than a minute, but it would be uncomfortable.

Singer Han Hong failed to escape the first wave. After the diagnosis, she was not in good condition, and her hair was too lazy to take care of her hair. Her high fever caused her face to swelling and crooked.

The artist Bai Liuxi, who has been pregnant at 38 weeks, was unfortunately infected with the new crown. She had a due date for two weeks. At this time, she was worried about the baby in the belly, and it was not easy to endure pain.Fortunately, her expectant mothers who are also pregnant are not particularly serious, nor affect the baby in the belly, and her mentality is also very optimistic.

The actor Zhu Rui was unfortunately diagnosed, and her situation was more serious. It was a high fever in the past three days. After the elderly and children were infected, they couldn’t sleep at night. After the child was high, she would cry very hard and have a great pain in her throat.

Therefore, from the sharing of these artists, it can be known that the infection of the new crown is actually not terrible, but it will experience a few days of pain.It also needs a process. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water, supplement nutrition, and prevent high fever from being involved in collapse and rest.

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