Huaicai is like pregnancy. When it comes, it can naturally be seen by others

Even if no one applauds, you have to like yourself

Huaicai is like pregnancy. When it comes, it can naturally be seen by others.

Many people don’t know where their future is, and they can’t find the direction of hard work, so they can pass and pass.There are also some people who have encountered Bole, and they have different encounters since then.We will say that those people are lucky enough. At a young age, they have achieved success that they cannot be underestimated, but is the road of their progress unimpeded?Also need to wait and see.

For example, a magazine once had a wide influence. It is one of the literary publications loved by young readers. It has also trained a batch of representative writers with representative 80s and post -90s.These writers at the time were red, especially those who participated in the composition contest organized by the magazine and won the award -winning. They could directly enter Peking University and Fudan University …Essence

Driven by the composition contest, many prominent and emerging authors have appeared, such as Guo Jingming, Han Han, Ma Zhongcai, Li Haihai, Xiaofan, Zhou Jianing, etc.After a while, few works came out, and the sound disappeared.Those who meet Bole will always make people envy. At least their future looks bright, and some people have guidance and some people are sheltered.But it is often regrettable that some have encountered Bole very early, which is considered to be a promising person. With the passage of years, it has faded back.

So how can we miss Bole and not let the future darkest?

First, you must have true talents, and few people are willing to cultivate an unable to help.

Second, when seeking Bole’s appreciation, you must be sincere, humble and low -key.

Third, Mao Su recommended himself.If you have not met Bole, why not recommend yourself and let everyone know you?After all, Bole is not often available. Sitting and waiting will only make you spend all his life.

There was an internet celebrity. She claimed that at the age of nine, she started a book book. At the age of 20, she reached its peak. No one can be able to reach this description 300 years after the first three hundred years of IQ.Teaching materials.

The name of the waves will only make people disdain and ridicule. Only the name is in fact can others respect others.

One after the 1980s, the author said: I also wanted to go to the literary world through this magazine at the time, but every time I touched the wall … At the beginning, I wanted to be a member of them. Unfortunately, no one was willing to be my Bole …

After many years, he did not pass this composition contest, and still became the person he wanted to become with his own efforts.

Maybe you will feel that he will not meet at the beginning, and he will be frightened to meet Bole who has not appreciated himself in a timely manner, but the wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys. As long as you are excellent enough, even if you do not meet Bole at the same time?

Even if you are currently useless of martial arts, don’t depressed. You know, Huai is like pregnancy. When it comes to time, you can naturally be seen by others.

If you are indeed a gold, it will glow wherever you put, but it is just a matter of time.

We want to meet Bole to make us look like a long time, but there are often thousands of miles, and Bole is not often available. When we are seeking Bole, we must be sincere, proactive, and to boast.

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