How to understand the true appearance of a man?

Everyone who desires love is worthy of being cherished

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There was a female fan left a message in the background that she was 30 years old. Now she met a man with a good feeling on the blind date platform. The hardware conditions are very suitable.

Now the boy wants to confirm the relationship between the two, and even said that he can accept the flash marriage.

Then the female fan began to hesitate. She felt that it was difficult to evaluate a person in two or three times, but when she was old, she might miss it, so she should ask me if I should promise him.


Let’s talk about a common example. My university classmate UU is a very beautiful little beauty. When everyone talks about love you and me, she deliberately is particularly mean to her suitor.

She said that she watched her growing up in hard work and forbearance since she was a child. Her dad did not pity her mother’s hard work at all. Her mother was tired of making tuition and living expenses in order to pick up hand.Distorted.

Her mother said that she was stupid and didn’t mind him poor, because he was good to herself. In winter, she said on her belly.In the middle of the night, I just said that I ran a few streets to buy her favorite ravioli. After half a year in love, the two were distinguished from all the obstructions.

One year after marriage, I gave birth to UU, and then UU’s father’s wolf is slowly hiding. During pregnancy, UU’s mother did not listen to her husband’s words.Later, UU’s father was accidentally laid off, and his family life became difficult. However, UU’s father still drinks with fox friends and dog friends to eat meat, and he reached out to ask for money when he returned home.

UU said that I didn’t want to go back to that home all my life. I was going to take my mother out of life. I don’t believe in men. I will not get married in my life.

In fact, most of the young people are eager to marry but are afraid of entering marriage. The main reason is because of cautiousness, fear of not being a non -people, and fear of entering a beautiful trap.


So, how can we understand the true face of a man?

At first glance, his attitude towards you when he was extremely tired.

There is a strange phenomenon that many newlywed couples returned from the honeymoon and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to pull the divorce certificate.

When people are full of energy, they can of course be able to obey and be polite, but the most true appearance of a person will only be revealed when they are extremely tired.

Many couples have dated a tepid dating until they get married. They did not simulate the moment when they had exhausted Chai rice oil and salt. They never knew what would react when facing that, and the perfect partner in front of them would react.

Therefore, I suggest that you must have a long -distance travel with him before entering the marriage. On the one hand, the ability to plan the other party’s planning. On the one hand, there will always be accidents and exhaustion during the trip.See if he is still considerate to you.

If both people are so tired that they have no strength to speak, and when the unexpected situation collapses halfway, he still has a strong spirit to tease you to soothe your emotions.Don’t be hungry or hungry. Such a man is definitely as good as one, and his shoulders can definitely carry things, so don’t let him go when you encounter it. If you miss it, you will lose a lot.


Secondly, to understand the atmosphere of the other family’s native family.

Many people think that seeing parents should be put on the eyes of marriage, but I suggest that as long as you both have the plan to get married, it is not appropriate to see the parents.

The influence of a native family will never be worn out.When the ducklings have broken the egg shell, they will treat the animals he sees at first glance as their mother. What ducks do you do, and we are the same as duckling.

After all, we have the most impressive and fastest to learn the first to contact, so the three views, horizons, and patterns of the native family will grow in our flesh first, including the mode of getting along in marriage and the attitude towards partners.

People who grew up in the harmonious family and love in harmony. They have seen a mode of love for love, and they are more likely to operate marriage in this way.

Colleagues Yingying said that six months ago, she resigned and went to her boyfriend’s hometown to develop, and lived with her boyfriend’s parents. At first, the in -laws also took care of their face. At most, they mixed with two mouths in front of themselves, but for a long time, the quasi -in -laws were often because of a little thing.Say each other with each other, do not let each other, and sometimes even fight, and in the end, the mother -in -law took the initiative to show the end.

My mother -in -law dedicated her life to housework but had no right to speak, but my father -in -law would always be a granted.

The terrible thing is that Yingying did not do housework very much when she went to work. My mother -in -law faced her in front of her boyfriend, "Yingying, at least more virtuous than me." Yingying doesn’t know how to do.After answering, the boyfriend just glanced at her and continued to swipe the phone.

This is not the same. The boyfriend who cared about her in the past was like a person. She went out to play with her colleagues for two days. The mother -in -law said that she disregarded her family, and her boyfriend followed the harmony.

She felt wronged, and her boyfriend said that it was his parents along the point.But she knew very well that his parents’ attitude towards her was actually her boyfriend’s real attitude towards herself. After marriage, this would be her real life.

The next day, she submitted a resignation report and whispered home.


His true character will also be reflected in his attitude towards his predecessor.

Some time ago, when the fire of Yanxi Raiders, my boyfriend saw Yuan Chunwang blackened the heroine, he said, "Fu Heng and Yuan Chunwang love the heroine, but Fu Heng chose to guard silently, Yuan Chunwang wanted to destroy herIn reality, it is actually the choice of most people to be destroyed, right? "

Many people marry late, but they insist on avoiding that many people to find that small part.

A friend of a lawyer who ran for many years told me: "The divorce lawsuit can really experience what is human, especially those couples who have been in love with the campus.If you have red ears and red ears, I am very confused. Can’t the people who love be decent? "

A period of feelings finally came to the end, and it was definitely impossible to be a person’s responsibility. If he gritted his teeth to blame his ex -execene, he said that he was the injured of the previous relationship, then be careful that when you became his predecessor, he would talk about you.

Of course, there will be a man who hates his ex -boss even if you mention it. When you mention it, in order not to show that you are very stingy, you will be very distinguished.

Of course, it is a good thing for men to be good to you, but they still have to distinguish whether he is good at nature and willing to be good to you, or for sex or to marry you.


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