How to treat patients with endometriosis, who want to be pregnant

There are many young patients with endometriosis in the hospital patients. The most worried about the child’s question is most worried. Today, the smile in the group also asked: I already have a child, but I really want to have another one.What about children?So how do you treat children after suffering from endometriosis?

There are 16 words for endometriosis:

Eliminate lesions, reduce symptoms, promote ovulation, and promote fertility.

Remove the lesion is to remove the lesions of endometriosis; reducing symptoms is to make the patient’s stomach pain and improve menstruation; promote ovulation and promote fertility is the patient’s pregnancy, and the endometriosis is also relieved.

There are often two reasons: patients do not require fertility:

First, no marriage, no conditions for fertility.

2. There are already children, just treat endometriosis.In this case, drug therapy is mainly used, which are divided into two types, one is fake menstrual drugs and the other is contraceptive pills.

Fake menstrual medicine: It is to make the patient pretend to be pregnant. Because after pregnancy, if you do n’t have a holiday in October, the endometrium can slowly shrink, so you need to pretend to be pregnant for such patients.

Pseudo -Meridisia: Doctors use fake menstrual medicines for patients to make them in a menopause state. They can be relieved without menstruation.

The two treatments have their disadvantages:

1. Fake pregnancy:

It will cause patients to spitting, nausea, and gain weight, so we cannot take fake maternity pills all year round.The commonly used contraceptives are You Siming, Mom Fulong, and Earth Extraction, which will shrink the endometrium after use.However, this medicine has the biggest disadvantage. The symptoms in the use of patients will be relieved, and once the drug is discontinued, it will relapse.

2. Pseudo -menopathy:

The commonly used methods used by the pseudo -use medicine are for 28 days of imported medicines, such as Diffin and Zena Tong, which will take effect quickly after playing.It will disappear and the lesions are reduced.But there is no need to be happy too early. You suddenly became sixty years old in his thirties. You must not be carried by the symptoms of menopause.For example, arguing with people, annoyance, unable to sleep all night, poor memory, reduced work efficiency, sweating and other symptoms, so you can’t hit more. Doctors can get up to 4-6 stitches.

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