How to take care of your hair during pregnancy, DIY hairstyle to help you

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will pay special attention in all aspects. For hair, pregnant mothers also have to take care of them. After all, everyone wants to go out beautifully.So how do you take care of your hair during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers can do DIY hairstyle by themselves!

1. How to make hairstyles during pregnancy

Hot and dyeing hair is the two most commonly used methods when shaping hairstyles.In the early stages of pregnancy (the first three months), the mothers are not suitable for scalding and dyeing her hair.The first trimester is the most critical stage of fetal organs. If it is not protected or used in this stage, it may cause fetal malformations.

If mothers want to dye their hair, they should also pay attention to some taboos, otherwise there will be bad results.At present, perm is a chemical perm, and "Cold Scam" needs to be used to curl and shape the hair.Hair dye is also composed of more complex chemical composition.Although there is no evidence directly, hot and hair dyeing will cause harm to the fetus, but for the sake of insurance, expectant mothers should not be hot and dyed in the early pregnancy.Perm and hair dye can be performed in the middle of pregnancy. Only the parts of the hair in the middle and tail segments are processed, and the dyeing is appropriately selected to reduce the scalp -to -hot and dye absorption.In the second trimester, the hair is relatively fragile, and the hair will start more after childbirth, and the perm will only exacerbate the hair falling off.

Note: In order to prevent allergies from the occurrence of allergies, it is best to wipe a little hotness before dyeing, and the dyeing agent is on the inside of the arm. For a moment, use without bad reactions.Specific mothers who have never been hot and dyed their hair before are better not to try hot and dyeing during pregnancy.

Second, hair styling DIY

How can we make some hair changes under security?In fact, some manual hairstyle design is also possible.How do expectant mothers who do not want to take risks and dye their hair to shape their beautiful hairstyles on the premise of ensuring their baby and herself?The models on the catwalk show often need to change hairstyles. How do they take care of their hair without hurting their hair?In fact, the method of modeling, expectant mothers can learn from.

Note: The DIY electric perm, which is similar to the rolling and curly hair, is the choice of the models. The biggest feature of this type of curly is not hurting hair. Just preheat it, then take off the curls on the hair and use supporting facilities.The hair clip holds the hair, took it off for a while, and the hairstyle was made. The prospective mothers can roll, and they want to make the shape as they want.After shampooing, the hairstyle can be restored.

3. How to care for hair during pregnancy

1. It is important to choose the right shampoo

The skin of expectant mothers is more sensitive than before. In order to prevent stimulating scalp and affect the fetus, expectant mothers should choose shampoo that is suitable for her hair quality and has a mild nature.If the original brand is mild in nature, it is best to use it. Do not suddenly replace shampoos, especially do not use the brand that has never been used before to prevent skin allergies.The prospective mothers who have dry hair can be nutritious for hair, and at the same time massage the scalp to promote the blood circulation of the head.

2. Pay attention to the posture when washing your hair

Long -haired expectant mother: It is best to sit on a back chair and ask the family to help rinse.If it is too troublesome, I simply cut the hair short, and wash it. After giving birth to the child, leave long hair.

Short hair Mother: The hair is relatively easy to wash. You can wash your hair directly when you shower. You can also sit on a chair with a high level and knee that can be bent at 90 degrees.

As for the prospective mother in the late pregnancy, it is not easy to wash both long or short hair.During this period, expectant mothers can let the prospective dad help wash their hair, which can also increase the relationship between husband and wife.

3. Wet hair treatment problem

This problem can be solved by using dry hair hats and drying towels. Because the dry hair hats have strong water absorption and good breathability, they can dry their hair soon.You can also sleep immediately after the shower and prevent colds.However, pay attention to the use of bacteriostatic and sanitary and soft dry hair hats and dry towels.

4. Do not dye hair and perm during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should not dye their hair and perm to prevent these chemicals from damaging the skin. A few women will cause allergic reactions and affect the normal development of the fetus in the mother.Moreover, after pregnancy, after pregnancy, the mental state is unstable, and the hair quality will change. Because it is difficult to predict what the hair quality will change, try not to perm and dye hair.

5. Specific mothers should eat more vitamins B

Vitamin B is a energy agent that can make hair strong. Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers can eat foods with high vitamin B content, such as wheat germ, brown rice, liver, shiitake mushrooms, serving of seizure, etc.Group B.

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