How to replenish iron deficiency during pregnancy, how to correct iron?

Guide: During pregnancy, in order to give the fetus a better development and growth, ensure that the baby’s innate conditions are superior, and avoid various pregnancy risks, pregnant mothers need to consume sufficient nutrition during pregnancy.Regarding iron supplementation, the pregnant mothers must not be unfamiliar, and the demand for iron after pregnancy has continued to increase with the continuous development of pregnancy.

Therefore, iron supplementation has become a very important job in pregnant mothers in the diet during pregnancy, and each pregnant mother cannot ignore her iron supplement.Because during pregnancy, iron deficiency in the body is very harmful to pregnant mothers and fetuses, so how do pregnant mothers do the correct iron supplement in their daily diet?

Let’s first understand why we must pay attention to iron supplementation during pregnancy, and what will the iron deficiency affect the pregnant mother:

1. Temporated iron deficiency anemia

With the growth of the fetus, the blood capacity of pregnant mothers is increasing, and some blood in the body needs to be provided on the fetus, so it is easy to cause anemia caused by the body’s anemia.Common manifestations are dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue and fatigue, and severe symptoms such as decreased memory, inducing bad symptoms such as anemia heart disease.

2. The body’s resistance decreases

The functional metabolism and immunity system of the human body requires the assistance of the blood circulation system, and the iron deficiency can cause blood function defects in the body, which in turn causes the human body’s immunity to decrease.Therefore, the iron deficiency resistance of pregnant mothers is also easy to decrease, and it is easy to be infected by various bacterial viruses in daily life.

3. Affect the growth and development of the fetus

Blood blood cells in the human body’s blood circulation is that pregnant mothers transporting oxygen -deficient will cause the blood supply of the fetus to decrease. Therefore, the growth and development of the fetus will be restricted, so that there is a problem with dysplasia.In addition, the decline in blood supply in blood will also seriously threaten the development of the fetal brain, leading to brain damage, affecting intellectual development, and suffering from fetal suffocation.

Therefore, iron supplementation during pregnancy is of great significance, and as the pregnancy is progressive, the absorption intake of pregnant mothers will continue to increase.During pregnancy, the way that pregnant mothers can supplement iron are also diverse, but the key is to supplement our effective iron in our daily diet, and the main sources are the following:

1. Animal meat

In our daily diet, many meat also contains very rich iron elements. Therefore, in their daily diet, pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to the combination of meat.Among them, meat with high iron content is animal blood products, liver, and various types of red meat, such as pig blood, duck blood, pork liver, chicken liver, beef, lamb, etc.

2. Botanical fruits and vegetables

In addition to meat, there are also foods with rich iron content in our daily fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, fungus, laver, cherry, and so on.Most of these fruits and vegetables are rich in iron. Pregnant mothers can usually match them with meat to enrich the absorption and use of iron in the diet, and meet the body’s demand for iron.

3. Artificial iron

After in the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers’ daily diet cannot meet the increasing demand for the body. In order to avoid the problem of iron deficiency, we need to assist the absorption by replenishing iron.The common iron in the market will also be divided into organic railway, inorganic railway, second -order iron, and three -valent iron. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their actual situation.

At the same time, in the process of iron intake and supplementation, individual iron supplementation does not have an ideal effect, because the absorption of iron also requires vitamin C for assistance.Therefore, while iron supplementation, we also need to get some vitamin C intake to promote iron absorption, such as mustard, western blue flowers, kiwis, oranges, and so on.

Important tips: Iron deficiency during pregnancy has great harm to pregnant women and fetuses, which will lead to anemia, decreased immunity, and normal development of the fetus.Therefore, in daily diet, it is necessary to meet the body’s absorption of iron through animal meat, plant -based fruits and vegetables, and later iron supplements, while ingesting vitamin C to promote the body’s iron absorption.

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