How to relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy, these methods must know these methods

Recently, a younger sister who is pregnant always talks to me. Obviously I can feel that she wants to say something to me, but if I ask her if there is something, she immediately shifted the topic and made me care about it for a long time for a long time.EssenceLater, after I figured out the reason, I also understood very well that this really didn’t blame her attitude. After all, this matter was a little embarrassed.

After this younger sisters were pregnant and in the middle of pregnancy, she found that she had hemorrhoids. She felt that she was particularly embarrassed, but she was uncomfortable. She wanted to ask what I should do.

There is actually no embarrassment during pregnancy during pregnancy. Although it is really difficult to enlighten, in fact, the expectant mothers with more than 70 % during pregnancy have the problem of hemorrhoids.This is because after pregnancy, the pregnant mother is really easy to be stared at by hemorrhoids for some reason.

Hemorrhoids are actually veins in the rectum.I was surprised for the first time when I learned about this, just like the veins of the human leg.Because the rectal has no venous valve, if the blood is accumulated, it is particularly difficult to return, and it will become raised and curled. At this time, if the outside world can stimulate a little, it is hemorrhoids.

Why are pregnant women easily stared at hemorrhoids?Because after pregnancy, as the fetus becomes larger, the uterus will become larger. The consequence of this is that it will squeeze the pelvic cavity and further affect the blood flow of the lower body, which will increase the risk of hemorrhoids.In addition, after pregnancy, the blood pressure of pregnant mothers will increase, and progesterone will increase, which will reduce the elasticity of venous blood vessels.

There are also many pregnant mothers who will find that their digestive system is not as good as before, and it is easy to cause constipation. If it is difficult to defecate, it will continue to work hard, and one force will increase the pressure on the veins near the anus and also cause hemorrhoids.And if there are women who are troubled by hemorrhoids before pregnancy, they will increase the chance of suffering from hemorrhoids after pregnancy, and it will even be more serious.

The hemorrhoids are embarrassing and uncomfortable, and everyone must avoid suffering.This requires pregnant mothers to adjust from their diet. First of all, they must change their diet structure. The taste should be light, heavy taste and irritating foods should be far away. Take more green vegetables and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can promote the stomach and intestines.Movement.In addition to diet, pregnant mothers should also pay more attention to exercise, which can also help digestion and reduce the burden on the stomach.

The pregnant mother who has already obtained hemorrhoids will have a worry, whether it will affect her delivery.Whether you can choose to give birth depends on the specific situation of yourself and your baby.It must not be said that it must not be delivered if it is obtained, but it is certain that it will be more painful when giving birth, because the abdominal force during childbirth will increase the pressure of the anus. The hemorrhoids may increase after giving birth.Pregnant women will also have hemorrhoids.These pregnant mothers must know it in their hearts, and then whether they can give birth depends on the doctor’s physical condition to evaluate the physical condition of the pregnant mother.

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