How to relieve headache, chest pain, back pain … all kinds of "pain" during pregnancy?

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There is a trick on the Internet how to take pictures, that is, put your hand on your head, chest, and stomach, pretending to be headache, chest pain, and stomach pain, so that the photos taken in this way will look extremely tall.

However, for the expectant mothers who hurt everywhere during pregnancy, they can get 108 types of taking pictures in minutes.

Therefore, today we will talk about the various "pains" that make expectant mothers can use them at any time.

For many expectant mothers, headaches are a problem that runs through the entire pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the headache is mostly related to hormone changes.

However, in the middle and late pregnancy, the headache may be very different. For example, because the baby is playing in the eighteen martial arts in his stomach, lack of sleep leads to headaches. For example, due to the darked things, emotional fluctuations cause headaches.

For this situation, expectant mothers can choose to apply hot compresses to the head, and usually try to ensure sufficient sleep and happy mood. After all, for expectant mothers, "I am so angry that my brain is painful" is not just a rhetoricMethod.

However, if the expectant mothers find headaches, they are accompanied by symptoms such as puffiness, dizziness, and vomiting, then they need to go to the hospital to see, because this may be a manifestation of hypertension during pregnancy.

This chest pain is not the kind of pain of Xizi. Simply speaking, it is breast pain, similar to the painful pain before the visit of "Auntie". This feeling will follow you from the beginning of pregnancy.

The reason why this kind of tenderness is because the breast is preparing for breastfeeding. The so -called "soldiers and horses have not moved, grain and grass first" means.

If you want to alleviate this pain, you can also replace comfortable underwear with the changes in the breasts, and you can also change the comfortable underwear with the changes in the breast. The underwear without steel is a good choice.

Many expectant mothers may think that although steel -free underwear can "liberate" chest to a certain extent, it is the real "big liberation" without wearing underwear!

Here, Xiaobian tells you responsible for your chest without muscle. If there is no underwear support, it is easy to sag.Do you have to feel the power of gravity?

There are two main reasons for back pain during pregnancy–

First, hormone changes during pregnancy will relax the ligament, so the burden on the lumbar spine and joints is increasing, making you feel backache and back pain;

The second is to gain weight and increase the pressure of the muscles.The feelings of expectant mothers with a lot of weight gain during the third and third trimester will be more obvious.

If you want to relieve the pain in the back of the waist, the expectant mother should pay attention to the back of the back, so that it can reduce the burden on the back muscles to a certain extent.

However, the role of this method is extremely limited. There is also a relatively immediate method, which is to let the prospective father massage for you. After massage, the soreness of the waist and back can relieve a lot.

If the prospective dad is unwilling to massage you, let a ten -pound sandbag on the stomach think about it!This method is also immediate.

Muscle soreness is more common among expectant mothers in the third trimester.

Because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the body’s center of gravity gradually moves forward. In order to maintain the center of gravity, the muscles will continue to be tense. Such changes bring you the subjective feeling. You feel that every piece of meat on your body is shouting.pain"!

At this time, in addition to the massage to relieve the soreness, you should also pay attention to rest and relieve muscle pressure.

In addition, in the air -conditioned room in the summer, the legs and feet should be kept warm, because the soreness will be aggravated when the legs and feet are cold.

This is also a problem that may occur in the third trimester.

Because the uterus increases to a certain degree, the blood flow of veins will begin to compress the vein, causing vulvar veins.Specific mothers will feel the swelling and pain of vulva.

Some expectant mothers have to take a split -legs when they walk, and they look at the special Malaysian golden knife, but the brows can be hit in China.

For expectant mothers who have this trouble, you should try to avoid friction between standing and walking. If you are painful, you can apply local cold and relieve pain to a certain extent.

The pubic bone is on the front side of the pelvis, like a small door.In order to allow the baby to be born smoothly in the future, the ligament here will relax during pregnancy. Coupled with the compression of the uterus, the pain in the combination of the pubic bone will appear.

When you turn over, walk, and go up and down the steps, the pain will intensify, and sometimes it hurts with the inside of the thigh and the hip joint.

For this situation, you can only relieve this method by walking and sitting and slowing down. There is no better way.

Many expectant mothers also feel the pain of her buttocks. It is the pain caused by the increase in joint pressure of the back of the pelvis. In fact, it is painful in the pelvic area.

Sometimes it hurts with the back of the back and the back of the thigh.The more tired during the day, the more painful at night.

For this situation, the best way is to pay attention to rest, but many expectant mothers have found that in addition to resting, the use of abdominal bands also has a certain effect on relieving pain.

In fact, after saying so much, these methods can only relieve pain and do not completely eliminate symptoms, but you don’t need to worry about it. After the baby is born, these pain will disappear naturally.

Their existence is to remind you that you are using every bone and muscles of your whole body to bred a new life. Every pain you can bear it is a powerful force to give this new life!

Well, expectant mothers, do you have these symptoms mentioned above?What are the little tricks for you?

Share it, let’s take a look, which expectant mother’s "power" is the most powerful!

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