How to play mobile phones healthy during pregnancy?Playing like this can minimize the damage

Due to his personal physical reasons, Xiao Qing resigned from his work at home since he was pregnant.It was very boring to wait for the baby’s birth, but Xiao Qing did not dare to play with the mobile phone because of fear of radiation to the fetus.In fact, the harm of playing mobile phones during pregnancy is not as great as people think. As long as the appropriate method is mastered, the danger can be minimized without affecting the fetus.Below I will introduce matters that you need to pay attention to when playing mobile phones during pregnancy at 4 o’clock, which can help pregnant mothers reduce the damage caused by playing mobile phones.

Adjust the posture

No matter what you do during pregnancy, if the posture is wrong, it is likely to compress the fetus or even cause the fetus to be dangerous. The pregnant mother can easily ignore the external factors when playing with the mobile phone, and maintain an improper posture for a long time, threatening the fetusSafety.If pregnant mothers want to play mobile phones, it is recommended to buy a pregnant woman’s U -shaped pillow to help them adjust their posture, and they can improve their sleep quality when sleeping, reduce the pressure during pregnancy, and are very effective.

Radiation suit

In fact, the radiation generated by the mobile phone is non -ionized radiation, and it will not directly cause damage to the fetus. However, because the pregnant mother has a long time to play with the mobile phone and closer to the abdomen, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should buy a radiation -proof clothing to wear it.On, you can play with your own heart.In addition, many household appliances, such as computers, microwave ovens, etc., can also generate a lot of radiation. After pregnant mothers, the pregnant mother does not need to worry about the fetus will be affected by radiation.

set time

Although it is not very harmful to playing mobile phones, if you play your mobile phone for a long time, you will still cause some harm to the body. The pregnant mother who raises the fetus should maintain a healthy and regular lifestyle for the health of the baby.Pregnant mothers can formulate a healthy and reasonable schedule for themselves, and strictly obey them. They must take a little rest for more than half an hour each time. It is best not to play a mobile phone for more than 3 hours every day.positive effect.

Eye exercise

The vision of pregnant mothers will decrease after pregnancy. If you look at your mobile phone for a long time, it may increase the pressure of the eyes and hurt the eyes. To prevent vision damage is also the main reason for restricting pregnant women to play mobile phones during pregnancy.In addition to staring at the mobile phone for a long time, pregnant mothers can insist on eye exercises before going to bed every day, and it is best to use steam eye masks to relieve eye fatigue, which can protect the eyes and beautiful eyes.

Do you like to play mobile phones during pregnancy?I hope you can achieve the above 4 points, and be responsible for your baby and the fetal baby in your stomach.

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