How to look at the results of the pregnancy test?Many people can’t watch it!Not just two red bars

Presumably, everyone knows that two red lines on the pregnancy test stick represent pregnancy, but many times they will make mistakes. If there is no result in the correct time or the result of the pregnancy test stick, it will lead to the failure of pregnancy test. Below belowLet’s take a look at the result of how to use the pregnancy test stick and see the pregnancy test stick.

The pregnancy test stick is preliminary diagnosis of early pregnancy by detecting the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine.HCG is a kind of glycoprotein produced by the placenta during pregnancy during pregnancy, which can be discharged from urine through glomerular balls.The fertilized eggs need to produce 6 or 7 days as soon as HCG, and the actual secretion starts is 11 days later.

If you need to detect it, it is recommended to be about 7 days before the ovulation period or about 7 days before the next menstruation.If you want to be more accurate, it is best to do an early pregnancy test in two weeks of menstruation.

The accuracy of the pregnancy test stick of regular brands is about 85%to 95%, not 100%accurate. Some diseased drugs may also lead to an increase in HCG concentration in the body, resulting in false positive results.

1. Not pregnancy: There is only one control line (c) after 3 minutes, which is negative.It is also possible that the number of days of pregnancy is too short to test or ectopic pregnancy.If you have symptoms of pregnancy, you will take pregnancy after a few days.

2. Preliminary diagnosis of pregnancy: Within one minute to 5 minutes, there are two lines. The control line (C) and the detection line (T) are all colorful.The color of the detection line (T) is clear, and it is already pregnant, which is positive; the color of the detection line (T) is lighter, which means that it may be pregnant, that is, the weak yang.The weak positive results may not be displayed after 1 minute. As the response time increases, the two lines or the color can be displayed after 3 minutes. It is recommended to use morning urine after 3 to 5 days.

3. Effective or failure: No control line (c) appears.It may be caused by the expiration and test methods of the product.After 5 minutes, no matter what the result is, it cannot be used as a criterion.

1. Use the first urine in the morning or the urine that lasts more than four hours.

2. Avoid too much moisture during the period.

3. Read the manual carefully and do it accurately according to each step.

4. Some hormones may affect the results of the test, and avoid it before testing.

5. Women with excessive delivery, natural abortion, and artificial abortion in the short term are not applicable.

6. Early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks will have errors. It is best to go to the hospital to check HCG or B -ultrasound.

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