How to judge whether pregnant women lack calcium?These four performances are the most intuitive


When I was two months pregnant, there was a friend Amway around me: must be supplemented in time to supplement calcium, otherwise when the calcium deficiency is obvious, the sin is still themselves.

At that time, Amway, who was not in heart, even felt that she was too worried.In the early pregnancy, hasn’t the trouble of vomiting yet?Where can I think about calcium deficiency?

Who would have thought that after more than a month, I really met my friend’s words.Originally thought that she had escaped early pregnancy, and the next step was smooth. Who knew that they would step on the pit on calcium deficiency.

Want to tell everyone: calcium deficiency during pregnancy, not only will pregnant women own various discomfort brought by calcium deficiency, but also fetal development will also be affected to varying degrees.

As we all know: Calcium is an important nutritional component of skeletal development.In the development of fetal babies, calcium elements are also one of the indispensable nutritional components.

Therefore, everyone must pay attention to calcium supplement, and don’t be like me.Obviously, friends had already suggested early, but they were not serious. When they were tortured, they regretted that it was too light.

Regarding calcium supplement, there are too many problems with pregnant mothers:

What performance shows that you have lack of calcium?

When is calcium supplementing calcium?

What can be used to supplement the most effective way?

Next, we will look for the best answer with these problems of pregnant mothers.I hope that all pregnant mothers can find the answer they want here and escort the entire pregnancy.

What performances of pregnant mothers have lack of calcium?

1. Call cramps

Obviously did nothing, lying on the bed most of the time, but still appearing on calf cramps.At this time, you must consider calcium deficiency, which is a clear performance of calcium deficiency.

Especially when sleeping at night, it is often tortured by the calf cramps to wake up.Not to mention how uncomfortable it is.

2. Loose teeth

Still the same brushing habits and dietary habits as before, but recently, teeth are loose.No doubt, most of the time is caused by calcium deficiency.

Everyone knows that calcium elements are the most important part of teeth.If the calcium elements that are usually intake are insufficient, it will affect the growth of the teeth and loosen.

3. joint pain

The bones are the same as the teeth, and they also need sufficient calcium. If the calcium is lacking, joint pain will occur.

Especially as the month increases, the pain will be more intense. From the initial joint pain, it will slowly evolve into pelvic pain.

When is calcium supplement, the most suitable?

Everyone knows that everything is too late, even if it is nutritional element, I do not want to make up during pregnancy, and I am worried that it will hurt myself and the baby.

As soon as I was pregnant, I was anxious to supplement folic acid, and temporarily put the calcium supplement.When to supplement calcium, there is no accurate concept.

Regarding this problem, you don’t have to worry too much. You can consider calcium supplementation until early pregnancy.At this time, the situation of the baby’s baby has been basically stable, and it has also entered another stage of development.

During this period, the baby’s bones began to grow and develop, and the demand for calcium elements would naturally increase.From 3 months of pregnancy, until seven months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to insist on calcium supplementation to meet the baby’s growth.

What needs to be known is: Calcium supplementation must be strictly controlled, do not overdose.Otherwise, it is easy to cause bad placenta, decreased amniotic fluid and so on.

How to supplement calcium and easier to absorb?

Speaking of calcium supplement during pregnancy, many people will blurt out: big bone soup, especially large bone soup with white vinegar.

To many people, the large bones are slowly stewed over low heat, and the calcium elements inside are analyzed, which is most suitable for calcium supplementation.

The concept of calcium supplementation of food therapy is not wrong, but there is no way to choose the right way.Large bones, in fact, do not have too many calcium elements, but are full of fat.

In other words: pregnant women drink too much bone soup, which not only cannot meet the needs of calcium supplementation, but also may slowly gain weight, making it difficult to control weight.

Pregnant mothers can use calcium in these two methods, and the effect is very good:

The first: food supplement

1. Milk.During pregnancy, you should insist on drinking milk every day, because in addition to calcium in milk, there are many other nutrients, which are amino acids, vitamins and lactic acid.

2. kelp.As the most common "seafood", kelp also contains sufficient calcium elements, but it is best to use hot water before eating.

Second: medicine supplement

If you want to know if you are deficient in calcium, you can also do a related inspection during the checkup, and master the physical change in time through the data inspection data.

If the indicator shows calcium deficiency and the situation is relatively serious, you can choose calcium tablets, liquid calcium, etc. to supplement with the advice of the doctor. Do not have to follow the doctor’s advice.

It seems that calcium supplementation during pregnancy is particularly important.After early pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be prepared for calcium supplementation, or diet or medicine.Remember, the more calcium the less calcium, the better, don’t make up.

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