How to judge that you are pregnant?Many girls ignored these points …

Some time ago, a friend lamented: If the epidemic continues like this, then there will be endless gifts at the end of the year, and then it will be given a full moon wine for the children.Xiaobian thinks that this is both a joke and the truth.During the Spring Festival, due to the crazy raging of coronary virus pneumonia, all households stayed at home quietly in the whole country. For young childcare couples who are usually busy working, because they stayed at home during this time, the opportunity to contact between couples increased the opportunity to contact withEssenceDuring this period, the sexual life of both husbands and wives was more frequent, and the chances of women’s conception were greatly increased.

This is the case recently: Normally, after the Spring Festival, the 6th of the month should come to the aunt on the 6th, but she has never come, and she still feels that her breasts are swollen and always sleepy.Chatting with a mobile phone and chatting, I fell asleep, and my girlfriend teased her, "It’s not a recruitment", and suggested that she buy a test strip to test. She has some doubts, but recently it is a special period of new pneumonia.Dare to go out, think about waiting for the epidemic to stabilize for a few days before checking.

When a "small seed" takes root in the mother’s belly, grows up slowly … From the day of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother began to prepare for the arrival of a small life, especially for the first time.Pregnant mothers who are pregnant usually take a period of time to adapt.For the transformation from a woman’s sublimation to the mother, do pregnant mothers understand the knowledge of pregnancy?

Regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy, if you suspect that you are pregnant, then confirm it, and confirm whether there are three tricks in pregnancy.

First trick: see performance

Generally, after pregnancy, there will be some "good pregnancy performance", just like the manifestation of Xiao Li in front, chest pain, drowsiness, and sleepy. In addition, there may be fear of cold and lower abdomen tenderness (similar to the feeling of menstruation).Nausea and vomiting, bad appetite, etc.

If menstruation does not come on time and at the same time, there are these performances, it is likely to be pregnant, and it can be confirmed by the following two steps.

Second trick: tool

That is, it is confirmed at home "early pregnancy test strips".This is the fastest and most convenient and most troublesome method. Buy an early pregnancy test paper to confirm whether you are pregnant (morning urine is more accurate). If the test strip shows "two bars", it means that it is pregnant.Go to the hospital for examination and confirm.

Third trick: Check

Generally, if you suspect that you are pregnant and go to the hospital for examination and confirmation, the doctor may do the following two inspections:

1. Blood testing

The blood test is mainly to check the values of progesterone and HCG to confirm whether it is pregnant.Next, how do you judge whether you are pregnant through progesterone and HCG?

2. B -ultrasound

Of course, in addition to blood tests, some doctors may allow B -ultrasound to check, but because the number of days is too small, the doctor will give Kaiyin Super examination. Compared with, Yin Chao is more clear than the abdomen B -ultrasound.Essence

After pregnancy, the birth checkups are generally done 7 to 11 times, which is difficult to remember for novice pregnant mothers.Here I have compiled the items and time for each examination for everyone, hoping to help pregnant mothers.Of course, according to the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the medical conditions of the birth checkup hospital, the number of delivery and some preparations will be adjusted.

The first formal checkup (11-13+6 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection focus: receive "mother and child health manual", do basic inspections, NT examination, early pregnancy screening

The second checkup (14 ~ 19+6 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection focus: Tang’s syndrome, amniotic puncture, high -throughput gene sequencing (non -invasive DNA), bone density+nutrition guidance, first fetal movement

The third checkup (20 ~ 24 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection focus: four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound

The 4th checkup (25 ~ 28 weeks of pregnancy)

Examination focuses on: gestational diabetes screening

The 5th checkup (29 ~ 32 weeks of pregnancy)

Examination focus: lower limb edema, eclampsia, occur

The 6th checkup (33 ~ 36 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection focus: ultrasound examination, assessing fetal weight, fetal heart monitoring

Seventh birth checkup (37-41 weeks of pregnancy)

Key points for inspection: prepare for delivery, pay attention to signs of production, fetal heart monitoring, blood drawing in the third trimester, and ultrasound examination

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