How to judge how many sheeps in the stomach of the ewa?Determine a few lambs of Yang Huai, and summarize it

For farmers for farmers, they are happy. After many farmers are pregnant, they want to know how many ewes are pregnant.Are you happier?So how can we know how many ewes are pregnant after pregnancy?

1. Hormonal measurement method

After the stadium is pregnant, the progesterone contains in the blood is significantly increased. We can detect the pregnancy diagnosis of the ewe in about 20 days after breeding.High, and this detection method is more professional, and there is no need to do it for farmers.

After confirming that the ewage is pregnant, we must take good care of a few of them, we must take good care of it.Sheep raise a good fetus.

2. Ultrasonic detection method

It can be tested in about one month during pregnancy, but it is tested after more than 40 days of pregnancy, and the accuracy rate is higher.

This detection method is to detect the abdomen of the ewe by ultrasonic detection instruments. At present, this testing instrument is also produced in a convenient and easy -to -use direction. Many farms have B -ultrasound machines for sheep.

3. Finger touch method

For about two months of pregnancy, the ewalogy was about two months of pregnancy. In the morning, when the ewage was on an empty stomach, we supported the ewe’s abdomen with our hands, and then moved from the right abdomen of the sheep from the lamb’s right abdomen to the lower left., Touch the fetus, feel a hard block, that is, I am pregnant with one, I feel two hard blocks, that is, I am pregnant with two, and I feel that three hard blocks are felt, and then three are pregnant.This process must be light. Do not push or beat the ebb’s abdomen, otherwise it is easy to cause abortion.

The farmers must have to make the ewe, the better, but this kind of thing cannot be forced. No matter how many ewes are pregnant, the farmers must do a good job of breeding management during the stadium.It’s victory.Follow me and bring about breeding content every day.

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