How to get pregnant quickly to have your own baby

How to get pregnant quickly? There are many ways to get pregnant quickly. It is most effective to choose a method that suits you.Here are some ways to get pregnant quickly

1. Be prepared for your body

Before pregnancy, both husband and wife should go to the hospital for pre -pregnancy examination to understand their physical condition.Once you find any health problems, you need to do early inspection and early treatment.In addition, preparation couples should quit alcohol and smoke to reduce caffeine intake.

2. Persist in exercise

Starting 3 months before pregnancy, suitable and regular physical exercise and exercise per week are not only conducive to the balance of hormones in women and the smooth implantation of sperm, but also help her husband to improve physical fitness and ensure sperm quality.

3. Maintain a good attitude

When preparing for pregnancy, the couple should maintain a good mood and don’t put too much pressure on themselves.You can adjust your mood through exercise, which is very helpful for successful conception.

4. Supplement folic acid

Experts suggest that pregnant women supplement 400 micrograms of folic acid per day.In addition to ingesting folic acid from food, it is also necessary to take some folic acid supplements every day.It is worth noting that the daily folic acid intake cannot exceed 1,000 micrograms.

5, rich diet nutrition

In the first three months of pregnancy, both husband and wife should pay attention to diverse diet and strengthen nutrition. They can eat foods rich in high -quality protein, protein zinc, calcium and other foods, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and make nutritional reserves for conception.Before pregnancy and pregnancy, nutrition should be abundant, balanced, and comprehensive.(Example of diet formula: one egg, a bowl of milk, a pound of vegetables or fruits, 100 grams of fish or meat, a pound of staple food is "5 one"

6. Quit smoking and drinking

Nicotine in tobacco and alcohol in alcohol will endanger the health of sperm and eggs, greatly reducing the chance of conception.Therefore, it is best to quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy. It is best to quit tobacco and alcohol from 3 months to half a year before conception.

7. Find the time that is easy to conceive

Reasonably choose the season of pregnancy, with pregnancy in July and August in the year, and it is better to produce in April and May.According to scientists’ research on one day of conception, if you want to get pregnant, the best time for the same room is from 5 pm to 7 pm.

8. Choose the most ideal pregnancy day

Generally, it is arranged for about 14 days before the menstrual tide of women’s menstruation, and the dysfunction rate in the same room after 17 days is high.Because the eggs can only survive for 12 ~ 24 hours after the eggs are excreted, sperm can usually only live for 1 to 3 days in the female reproductive tract. ThereforeIt is not easy to get pregnant early and evening.

9. Control the number of the same room

Within one month before pregnancy, the number of times in the same room should not be too frequent.It is recommended to have the same room once the next day during ovulation, while ensuring sperm quality, it is also conducive to the combination of sperm and eggs.After the same room, women are best to lie on their back for a while to promote conception.Lying more for a while can promote the combination of sperm eggs.

10. Use the pose in the same room that is easy to conceive

The sexual body of the husband and wife has a direct impact on the chance of women’s pregnancy.The most traditional men and women are actually the most vulnerable position for women.Don’t rush to get up after the same room, you can extend the sperm survival rate.

11. Use medicine with caution

Starting 6 months before pregnancy, both husbands and wives should use drugs with caution.Because drugs will have an impact on the formation and development of fetal and fetuses, if you use drugs with caution during pregnancy, it is best to consult your doctor’s opinion if necessary.

12. Avoid harmful substances

6 months before pregnancy, avoid contact with harmful substances, such as lead, benzene, X -ray and other radioactive substances to prevent the baby’s malformations or abortion or premature birth.

What to eat is easy to get pregnant

1. Black beans

Eat black beans often can supplement estrogen, soak it in water for about 12 hours, then cook with water, and put a little salt.From the first day of menstruation, eat 40 pieces a day and eat for 6 days.

2. Ejiao and red dates

People with qi and blood deficiency are more suitable for eating. Eating Ejiao red dates often can effectively improve the symptoms of less menstrual flow, incorrect color, dizziness, and cold hands and feet.Because qi and blood deficiency can also affect conception.Daily digging a spoon with a spoon daily and putting it in a cup that drinks water on weekdays (relatively hard and difficult to dig) and put it in hot water. If you can drink it in the office for a day, you will feel warm.

3. Waterfish soup

In the ovulation period, it is most conducive to pregnancy, but some women have less transparent band in the ovulation period and look turbid. This is not conducive to pregnancy. Eating waterfish soup is good for increasing transparent brushed white bands.Good friends will also help, without any toxic and side effects.

4. Soymilk

What do you want to get pregnant quickly? Soy milk is a good choice. Women drink soy milk 300-500 ml a month to adjust the endocrine, which can significantly improve the mentality and physical fitness.

5. Brown sugar ginger water

Everyone knows that Gong Han will affect pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant quickly, the women in Gonghan may wish to drink some brown sugar ginger water.From the next day after menstruation, we will be served for 7 days, it is best to eat it in the morning.Don’t be in the same room with your husband in these 7 days, and stay together 7 days later.

The reason why women are difficult to get pregnant

1. Ovulation dysfunction is manifested in the menstrual cycle without ovulation, or although ovulation, but the luteal function is not complete after ovulation.

2. Donatal factors.The fallopian tube is too long or narrow, and the inflammation of the fallopian tube causes the lumen, water accumulation, or adhesion, which will hinder the operation of sperm, eggs or fertilized eggs.Wallopian diseases can account for 25%of women’s infertility, which is an important cause of infertility.

3. Ovarian factors.Ovarian dysfunction, luteal dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian tumor and other factors affecting follicle development or ovarian discharge will cause infertility.

4. Cervical lesions.Cervical tube congenital abnormalities, atresia or narrowing, polyps, erosion, tumors, adhesion, etc. can affect the sperm passing: there are anti -sperm antibodies in the cervical mucus, which is not conducive to the sperm penetration of the cervical canal or completely cause the sperm to lose movement.Today, radio frequency intervention therapy can effectively treat problems such as cervicitis, cervical erosion, and polyps hypertrophy.

5, the congenital development of reproductive organs or acquired reproductive organs, hindering the unobstructed and functional function of the reproductive channels from the vulva to the fallopian tube, hindering the encounter of sperm and eggs, and infertility.

6, immunology factors.It means that there are anti -sperm antibodies in the female reproductive tract or serum, which causes sperm to condense each other, lose vitality or death, and cause infertility or infertility.In addition, some infertile women have antibody -like substances in the serum of their own eggs, which can hinder the fertilization of sperm penetration of the eggs and cause infertility.

7. The man is about one -third of the cause: affecting sperm production, such as congenital testicular dysplasia, acquired inflammation (tuberculosis), and sperm varicose veins.

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