How to get pregnant quickly?Have you learned these pose?

If I say a week after the same room, I know that I am pregnant, do you believe it?Friends who want children, you believe it after reading it.

This is the fact. You can find a lot on this topic on this topic.But many of them are distressed.If you want your child to come late, you do n’t want it, hit a shot!Is it always wrong with your wishes?

The following three major points are common sense!

First of all, you need to find out the so -called "dangerous period ”: usually the week after menstruation to the next week before the next menstruation. This period can be regarded as a dangerous period. However, if you want to conceive in the danger period,You should try to choose the same room when ovulation, that is, the ovulation period!

Popular science "ovulation period": ovulation period is about a week, and after a week of clean menstruation, the ovulation period is ovulation.The probability of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation will be much higher. You can also observe leucorrhea during ovulation during ovulation, and you will flow out in the lower body. You can usually feel it.Go to the bathroom to observe a few more times.When the leucorrhea is transparent and brushed, most of the ovulation is ovulation.When drawing is very strong, ovulation reached its peak!In the same room at this time, one blow is hit!

Secondly, good health is essential!If you want healthy babies, you need to prepare for pregnancy.If you have to raise your body, relax your mood, you should not be too stressful!

Taboo three points:

① Flinking the vagina frequently, it is easy to break the internal environmental balance.

② Frequent rooms in the same room, one more room may not increase the chance of once.However, the quality of sperm will definitely decrease, and the opportunity to meet eggs will be reduced!Normal 1-2 times/week, the frequency of 2 days/time is more reasonable.

③ Do not stay up late, stay up late for a long time as women’s irregular menstruation, affecting the physiological period and the chance of conception.Remember!IntersectionIntersection

Finally, the posture should be correct.I do n’t say it in detail here. After all, public places also belong to it, otherwise the suspicion of empty glove Huang Wen.About three points,

① Men and women and women, the waist pillow pillow is used to adopt most people.

② Bend your knees and understand it yourself.

③ chest knee position, this is very nice.You can find it online!

Have you learned?In this way, I am still afraid of being unhappy?The secrets of success will be shared with you.Remember to change the review!Intersection

I wish you a good pregnancy!

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