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A few days ago, a 6 -month -old mainland female tourist, when Shenzhen Customs went to Hong Kong through a private car passage, was intercepted by immigrants.

After showing the B -ultrasound and marriage certificate, the entry office eventually refused her entry.

The female tourist was particularly confused and dissatisfied with this. She questioned through social platforms: Isn’t it that she would not go to Hong Kong after 7 months of pregnancy?

At the same time, she also asked netizens: How did you pass?

Many netizens said: Obviously, the entry department is worried that she will go to Hong Kong to have children.

This incident caused fierce discussion on the Internet.Some people think that the Hong Kong Entry Department should not refuse the mainland tourists to enter the country.Some people think that the Hong Kong Entry Department has the right to do so.

So, is right and wrong?

Hong Kong law stipulates that all Chinese citizens born in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are Hong Kong permanent residents.

The rise of pregnant women in the Mainland to have children in Hong Kong began in 2003.

The measure of freedom was to promote the development of Hong Kong’s economy, but at the same time, it became easier to come to Hong Kong in Hong Kong.Because you can enjoy the social benefits of Hong Kong when you come to have a baby in Hong Kong, so there is a trend of pregnant women in the Mainland to produce children in Hong Kong, and it is out of control.

But later, with the shortage of beds in Hong Kong’s public hospitals and a degree in primary and secondary schools, in 2013, when Mr. Liang Zhenying became the chief executive, the "double non -" (both husbands and wives were not in Hong Kong residents) for pregnant women in Hong Kong.Essence

In this way, in order to allow their children to get the Hong Kong ID card, many pregnant women in the Mainland come to Hong Kong every year when they are not "showing", and then hid secretly.There are children in the emergency room of Hong Kong Public Hospital.

There are also some pregnant women in the Mainland, and even when they have started to pain, they risk their lives to the port to "rush the customs", and some people even give birth to their children in the port.

Although these behaviors do not comply with legal provisions, they believe that it is worth allowing children to obtain a Hong Kong ID card.

At the beginning of the article, the pregnant woman in the Mainland said that she was only shopping in Hong Kong and did not intend to stay in Hong Kong to have children.Moreover, she checked the information before she came, and the pregnant woman after 7 months of pregnancy prohibited from entering the country. She was only 6 months pregnant and should not be refused to enter the country.

This incident is right and wrong, so far there is no conclusion.

As a bustling city in Asia and the world financial center, Hong Kong’s attraction is obvious to all.As the intersection of Eastern and Western civilizations, traditional things, Hong Kong; modern things, Hong Kong also.

Its unique charm attracts countless people’s longing.To obtain a Hong Kong ID card, no matter in the case, it is a thing that allows our children to take advantage.

So, for mainlanders, how to reasonably and legally obtain Hong Kong identity for their children?

1. "Single non -non -"

The so -called "single and non -" is that one parent must have one of the residents of Hong Kong in order to obtain the right to Hong Kong through the way to "go to Hong Kong to produce a child".

Second, one -way card

Hong Kong law stipulates that all Chinese -born children born in the Mainland in the Mainland were born, and his father or mother had obtained the permanent resident status of Hong Kong at birth. Regardless of age, he could apply for settlement in Hong Kong.It also includes non -marriage children, but excluding children and children.

Third, come to Hong Kong to work

Hired by Hong Kong companies, or through the Hong Kong talent introduction plan, such as the "Hong Kong Youcai and Talent" plan, when they come to Hong Kong to work, they all apply for one person and benefit the whole family.

In other words, in addition to the spouse, the applicant’s underage children (within 18 years of age) can also get the status of Hong Kong residents as an adoptive.And after seven years of living in Hong Kong, you can apply for permanent residence in Hong Kong.

Fourth, study in Hong Kong

The applicant is a student in Hong Kong, such as full -time undergraduate, master’s degree or doctoral degree, then his spouse and minor children can also apply for a adopters visa.

In addition, the mainlanders working and studying in Hong Kong can also get a permanent identity in Hong Kong during their work and study.

5. It is a third country passport

If you enter Hong Kong with a third -country passport and give birth to a child during staying in Hong Kong, you can also get your child to get the status of Hong Kong.

These children can participate in the Hong Kong DSE examination in a local way. They can also apply for domestic and foreign universities at home and abroad with DSE scores, or participate in the joint entrance examinations for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese.

6. Investment immigration

Investment immigrants in Hong Kong, which is the "Capital Investor Entry Plan".In 2003, under the impact of SARS, Hong Kong has a depression.The Hong Kong Government launched the "Capital Investor Entry Plan", with the purpose of making the investment of more than 6.5 million Hong Kong dollars, but people who do not participate in any business in Hong Kong come to Hong Kong to stay in Hong Kong.

Eligible applicants can get a Hong Kong temporary ID card within half a year, one person applies, but the family can immigrate.

This plan does not cover mainland residents, so in the mainland residents who want to come to Hong Kong to invest in immigrants, they need to apply for a third country passport first.

In 2010, the Hong Kong Government raised its investment to HK $ 10 million, and removed real estate investment from the plan, retaining investment assets such as stocks and bonds.

[Application for investment immigration plan]:

1. I am 18 years old when applying for applications to Hong Kong;

2. In the first two years of the application, it has a net asset of not less than 10 million Hong Kong dollars;

3. Economic strength is enough to support the livelihood of themselves and the adopted, and it does not need to rely on any income brought by the investment assets in Hong Kong, or any public assistance;

4. There are no bad records in Hong Kong and its place of residence.

However, by 2015, with the recovery of the Hong Kong economy, the then Hong Kong Chief Executive Liang Zhenying announced that the "Investment Immigration Plan" was suspended.

On February 22 this year, the Hong Kong Government stated that Hong Kong will re -start the capital investor entry plan in the second quarter.

The application conditions are very likely that the investment will be higher than HK $ 10 million; if you do not invest in property, you can buy financial products, insurance, etc.; There are quota restrictions, which may cover mainland residents.

Then, the pregnant woman at the beginning of the article, if she and her husband are not in Hong Kong residents, but she has successfully entered the country and wait for production in Hong Kong, can her child get a Hong Kong identity?

The answer is no. The latest information shows that the hospital will issue a birth certificate to her child, but her child will not obtain Hong Kong identity.

Hong Kong’s attraction is beyond doubt, but if you want to obtain a Hong Kong identity for your children, you still have to pass a legal approach.

In the past, I have seen too many "double -non -" children born in Hong Kong, and runs between Hong Kong and Shenzhen every day.

The parents of these children do not have Hong Kong identity, and they have no fixed residence in Hong Kong.So every morning they come to Hong Kong from Shenzhen to school, and they will go back to Shenzhen at night and return to Shenzhen.

That hard work is distressing.

Especially during the epidemic, they could only be trapped in Shenzhen and took online lessons for three years.I believe that most of these children’s parents are unfamiliar with Hong Kong’s curriculum content and educational environment.

The three -year online class is likely to be blank for these children.

Although the Hong Kong ID card can make children have a great advantage, there is nothing more important than companionship in the growth process of children.

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