How to find pregnancy early?


Living and raising a daughter is a major event in life, but many friends took the drug without awareness of pregnancy and made themselves in a dilemma: continue to be pregnant, worry that the drug will have a adverse effect on the child, but the termination of pregnancy will be terminated.There is reluctance.How can we avoid getting into this pain?It is the best way to learn more about pregnancy -related knowledge and observe the changes of your body.

1. Pregnancy performance

Pregnancy starts with the combination of eggs and sperm -fertilized eggs.The growth and development of fertilized eggs are rapidly developing, forming blastocysts on the 5th day of fertilization, and inner cell groups and nourishing outer embryos are divided.On the 6th-7th day, under the action of nourishing the outer embryo, implant the uterus and complete the bed.At this time, the nourishing outer embryo of the embryo began to secrete the chorionic gonadotropin (that is, HCG).Since then, the embryo has grown rapidly, and the secretion of HCG has also become an index growth, which stimulates the formalization of luteal to form a pregnancy luteal and secretes a large amount of female and progesterone.Generally speaking, the following symptoms will appear after pregnancy:

1. Mentalomy

Mentalal discontinuation is the earliest and most important "signal".The menstrual cycle of ordinary people is 28-30 days.If you are a child of childbearing age, a history of menstruation, and a history of sexual life, you should first think of the possibility of pregnancy.If your menstrual cycle is irregular, then you need to see if you combine other signs, such as pregnancy reactions.

2. Pregnancy response

Dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, chills, loss of appetite, nausea, partial eclipse, sour or greasy and special odor after menstruation, all suggest that you have a pregnancy reaction, indicating that you may be pregnant.Pregnancy reactions are mostly about 6 weeks of pregnancy, and they worsen when they get on an empty stomach in the morning. Generally, symptoms gradually disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnancy reactions are related to increased human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The period when the pregnancy reaction is the most serious, that is, the hormone level is the highest stage in the body.Individual women do not understand the common sense of pregnancy reactions, and mistakenly believe that "cold" or gastrointestinal diseases, etc., and take drugs may have a adverse effect on fetal development.Therefore, for those with overdue menstruation and the above symptoms, we must first clarify whether they are pregnant, and avoid randoming drugs under unknown situation.

(Picture source: Tencent Medical Code)

3. Basic body temperature continues to rise

Under normal circumstances, women have a low base temperature in the early stage of ovulation, and the basal body temperature increases by 0.2 ° C-0.4 ° C after ovulation.If your menstruation has been postponed, the high temperature period of basic body temperature exceeds 18 days, and if it is high, you are very likely to get pregnant.

4. Other symptoms

After pregnancy, under the joint stimulation of a large amount of estrogen and progesterone secreted by pregnancy luteal, the breasts gradually grow, pain in pain, deepen the color of the nipples and areolas, and dark brown nodules around the nipples, which also indicates that you may be pregnant.In addition, after pregnancy, compression and stimulation of the bladder after the uterus increases, and conscious symptoms such as frequent urination occur.

2. Diagnosis of pregnancy

Diagnosis of pregnancy is not difficult, the key is to think of the possibility of pregnancy.The easiest way is pregnancy test, and it is also the most important test items for early pregnancy.Blood HCG can be detected in about 30 days.At present, the most commonly used is urinary pregnancy test, that is, early pregnancy test paper test paper method.Insert the test strip with a MAX mark line into the detected urine for a while.After 20-30 seconds, if a purple-red belt appears on the note, it is negative (not pregnant); if two purple-red belts appear on the note, that is, the detection line is positive (pregnancy)EssenceThe purple -red strap is or have no color depth, indicating how much the tested chinomagnicullans are promoted in urine. Therefore, it is best to use morning urine detection. At this time, the urine is relatively strong and the hormone level is high.The advantages of this method are prominent, the operation is simple, and the sensitivity is high. The results are accurate. On the 14th after women’s conception, it can be measured for pregnancy, with an accuracy rate of nearly 95%.

(Picture source: Tencent Medical Code)

In addition, you can also go to the hospital for examination, such as B-ultrasound examination. You can see the uterine enlarged image of uterine enlarged and intrauterine sacs in the uterine cavity at 5 weeks of pregnancy.Jumping and fetal movement.This is the most reliable evidence of diagnosis of early pregnancy.

There is a word of no preparation. Once menstruation occurs, it is recommended that you go to the hospital as soon as possible and confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible to make early preparation and devote yourself to the process of giving birth to the baby.

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