How to distinguish the male mother

In daily life, pigs, cows, and sheep all know how to distinguish, but many people do not know how the gender of ducks distinguish. In fact, there are many tips. You can see the gender of the duck through a look at the two observations.

1. Observation method.This method of distinguishing ducks is aimed at young ducks. The head is relatively large, the body is relatively round, and the tail should be more sharp.Conversely, if the head looks smaller and the body is relatively flat, the tail is scattered and the female duck should be scattered.

2. Tail observation method.Drag the duck on his hand, press the thumb slightly on the back of the duck, observe the state of the duck tail, the tail is generally raised upwards, and the duck is usually raised up. On the contrary, if the tail is down, it should be the male duck.

3. Sound discrimination method.Adult ducks can also use their sounds to distinguish the male and female, stuck the duck’s neck with their hands, and let it call it. Generally, the male duck’s voice is hoarse and magnetic, but the sound of the female duck is relatively crisp.

4. Learn to move.The male and female of the duck can also be distinguished by action, put the duck group in the bamboo frame one by one. If the instructions jumping from the frame to the outside is the mother duck, the male duck is not moving in the box, and the mother duck is called.The sound of the male duck was clear.

Which of the male duck mother duck is delicious?

There is a saying that the people have "eating male ducks in summer and ducks in the autumn". Because the male duck is slightly cold, the female duck is slightly warm.In fact, there is not much difference to taste, but the nutrition of the two is different.Compared with female ducks, the male ducks are replenished.If it is a thick soup, it is mainly for middle -aged or elderly people, and Baoqing soup is also very suitable.Female ducks are suitable for people with physical weaknesses, such as pregnant women who are confinement.

How to choose fresh duck meat

1. Look at the eyeball.Fresh duck eyes are shiny, full, full or semi -open.The eyes of a long or metamorphic duck will be sunken.

2. Look at duck skin.The fat on the fresh duck skin is pale yellow, while the ducks that are not fresh will fade, and the meat will be sticky.

3. Look at duck butt.The fresh duck butt is very clean, but it does not look a bit dirty, and it is a duck that died, and the duck buttocks will appear green.Don’t buy it at this time.

4. Smell the smell.The fragrance of fresh ducks is overflowing, and the smell of mildew from its abdominal cavity. If it smells strong, it means that the duck is deteriorated.

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