How to deal with the troubles of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?The doctor supports you and shared 4 points of experience experience

Hemorrhoids are a common anal disease. As the saying goes, "ten people and nine hemorrhoids" show that the incidence of hemorrhoids is very high, especially during pregnancy. Due to changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy, the rectal blood vessels of the pregnant mother will certainly occur to certainly occur.In the later period, due to the continuous development of the fetus, the uterus will continue to increase, which will affect the circulation of blood in the pelvic cavity and cause the occurrence of hemorrhoids. In addition to these physiological changes, the changes in the living habits of pregnant mothers also play a main role. Many people are many people. Many peopleLack of exercise after pregnancy, slow gastrointestinal peristalsis, dry stool, and poor blood circulation in the body, so it is easy to cause hemorrhoids.So what should pregnant mothers do if they have hemorrhoids?

There are 4 tricks to deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

1) Diet:

Mothers during pregnancy must eat scientific and healthy diets, attach importance to nutritional matching, pay attention to the scientific ratio of six major substances including carbohydrate, fat, and protein.Intraith, especially bananas, honey, celery, etc., which can nourish the intestines, effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

Furthermore, like millet, rice, beam rice, brown rice with various colors, as well as wheat grains, barley granules, black wheat black wheat, buckwheat grains, and various grains of grains, they are all good foods rich in dietary fiber.Eat more.

2) Exercise:

Generally speaking, sedentary (I am the pain points of the self -media authors!) It is very unfavorable to prevent hemorrhoids, and proper exercise is conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body, reducing the burden on the anus, and reducing the probability of pelvic congestion.Do n’t stay at home during pregnancy. I think that nourishing tires should sleep more and rest. In fact, you should go out and walk around. You can do it 2 times before going to bed every night.For contraction ability, the practice of pelvic muscles can strengthen the peristalsis of the rectum, help blood circulation, and improve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.Of course, pay attention to the excessive range of exercise, the strength must be controlled, and the safety is first.

3) Life habits:

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to theal hygiene, often clean the anus, then massage with a hot towel, or soak in warm water for 10-20 minutes every night; develop regular stool habits, set the toilet at a fixed point every day.Don’t underestimate this habit of living. Many people with mild or moderate hemorrhoids, by persisting in washing and washing each time, they really avoid the development of hemorrhoids.

4) Drug treatment:

During pregnancy, conservative treatment is generally advocated. If you do n’t have any symptoms, you can not treat it for the time being. Pay attention to observation. If you affect life and then use local drugs, mostly apply local medicine or hemorrhoid cream.EssenceBecause of special pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid the use of drugs that may affect the fetus.

Summary: It is said that it is not easy to be a mother. I do n’t know how many pregnant mothers have been poured by a small hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good living habits to prevent hemorrhoids from early pregnancy.Panic, as long as you keep a healthy diet and exercise according to the above, generally have little impact on life. I wish mothers to spend pregnancy healthily and enjoyment!

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